How to put two images next to each other on Android

Comparing images is a great way to track long-term progress. For example, if you’ve started hitting the gym, tried the 5K jogging couch, or just got a new look that you want to share on social media. Looking at two images side by side can be a good motivation to continue the routine. But how do you put two images next to each other on the fly? Here’s how to put two images side by side on Android easily.

Add two images side by side on Android

1. Google Photos

Consider yourself lucky if you have an Android phone, as you don’t need an additional app to get the job done. We will use the robust native Google Photo editor for this one.

one. Opened Google photos and touch and hold an image to open the selection option. Select the images you want to use as before / after.

select images in Google Photos

two. To open the images in the editor, touch the + sign on top. From the To create menu, select Collage In the background.

Google Photo collage feature

3. The two images will automatically merge side by side in a collage. That’s half the work done, but now we’ll make some changes to the image. To do that, touch the Edit sign in the background. This will open the image in the native Google Photo editor.

Now slide your finger across the Suggestions option at the bottom to Plus. You will find the Margin tool, tap and open it.

Google Photo markup tool

Four. The markup tool not only allows you to add text, but also allows you to draw on images. To add before and after text, simply touch the text option (Tt) On the right. This will open the keyboard. Write whatever you want. Then hit Done from the upper right corner.

You can also choose the text color from the palette just above the keyboard.

add text to two images side by side

5. The last step is to set the correct location for the text. To move the text, simply drag it anywhere on the screen and press Done in the background. Follow the same steps to add “after text” on the other side of the image. Now just save the edited image by tapping Save copy And you are ready.

2. Canva: Graphic Design

A big drawback of the above method is that it does not allow you to add more space on the canvas to add text. So you have no choice but to add text over images. Second, if both images have a different aspect ratio, it automatically crops them. These problems can be easily solved by using a third-party web and mobile application called Canva.

one. Download and Open Canva (requires login). Then hit the + sign at the bottom right of the home page to create a new document.

Create a new document in Canva

two. Although you can experiment with various canvas sizes, I suggest you choose the Instagram post option. We do this because we need a larger canvas size for the template we are going to use. Canva offers default templates for popular social media platforms.

Now, from the Template Gallery search for ‘comparison’ and select the template.

Canva template gallery

3. It’s a free template and Canva gives you a lot of flexibility to edit it. The first step is to change the preview images. To do that, touch the image and press Replace at the end of the page. Then, in the Gallery, choose the image you want. Follow the same steps to change the second photo.

Replace photos in Canva

Four. Similarly, to change the template text, tap the text and then the Edit option at the bottom. Type before / after (text) and tap a blank space on the canvas again to close the keyboard. That’s it, your before and after photo is ready.

To save the image, select the Save Image option (down arrow) at the top.

Canva image save option

5. I’m sure there are users who prefer a blank canvas to a template. Well, you can do that too. Follow the same steps until you replace the images and text in the template. Then touch all the items one by one. For example, the photo frame, the background, etc. Press the Recycle Bin button to delete these items. Doing this will leave you with two images and a blank space at the end.

Delete items in Canva

Get Canva: Graphic Design

3. Other applications

There are also some other options that you can use. Since most of you have Instagram, you can simply add multiple photos to an Instagram story. Once you’re done, add text and move or resize the images. Then save the image and you’re done.

How to add multiple photos to an Instagram story

Other cool but unusual alternatives include any photo editing tools or meme generator apps. These applications allow you to add two images and text easily. On the other hand, meme generator apps also have a native collage and text option that works for our problem.

Closing remarks: the easiest way to place two photos side by side

Now that you know how to put two images side by side on Android, give it a try. In my opinion, the native method is the best if the image is for personal use. In case you want to show it to other people, use Canva as it allows you to make the comparison images look professional and clean.

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