How to Remove Audio from Video on Any Device (2020)

When you capture video, it usually comes with audio. Although anyone can capture good video, unless you are a professional, audio can be tricky and not so easy. In those situations, it’s best to remove the audio entirely so that you can add your own music or voice-over to the video. So if you ever want to remove audio from a video, this is how you can do it on any device.

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How to remove audio from video on any device

1. Remove audio from video in Windows

Windows does not have built-in software to properly remove audio from a video. So, we will use a free software called Hand brake. Download HandBrake, install it like any other Windows software and launch it.

Once open, drag and drop the video you want to remove the audio from. Alternatively, select the option “Open files, ”Browse to the location where you saved the video, select it, and click the“ Open ”button.

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Now, select the resolution on the right side of the window. If you are not sure, select the source video resolution. In my case, I select “Fast 480p 30fps”.

Go to the “Audio” tab and click on the little “X“Along with the audio transmission.

The above action will remove the audio stream. Now, click on the “Start encoding” button.

As soon as you click the button, HandBrake will start the removal and conversion process. Sit back and wait. Once done, you will see the process complete message at the bottom of the window. You can find the processed video in the output folder.

Download Hand brake (free)

2. Remove audio from video on Mac

On Mac, you can remove the audio from a video with iMovie. However, the process is quite clumsy and complicated for such a simple task. So, we will use a free and lightweight software called MPEG Streamclip.

Download MPEG Streamclip and install it. After installing it, open it. Now select “Archive” and then “Open files. “Navigate to where you stored the video and select it.

The above action will open the video in MPEG Streamline. To remove the audio we need to export it. So, go to “ArchiveAnd select the export format. Since it’s on a Mac, QuickTime would be the most sensible option. With that said, you can choose whatever format you want. In my case, I chose “QuickTime”.

On the next screen, select “Without sound“In the drop-down menu next to” Sound “and click on the”Make a movie” button.

You will be asked to name the file and select the destination. Do that and click the “Save money” button.

That’s it. In a few minutes, MPEG will remove the audio from the video. You can find the processed video at your chosen destination.

Download MPEG Streamclip (free)

3. Remove audio from video on Android

There is an app for everything on Android. To remove the audio from a video on Android, we will use Doorbell. A simple and free application to cut, copy, join and convert video and audio. Install the application from the Play Store.

After installing the application, open it from the application menu. Now, scroll down to the Video section and select the option “Be quiet. “

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The app will automatically scan your device and display all the videos. Browse through them and select the video you want to remove the audio.

Once selected, Timbre will open it in the editor. Tap on the “Be quiet“Icon.

The app will display a warning that the process will remove the audio. Since that’s what we want, tap on the “Save money” button.

As soon as you tap the button, the app will instantly remove the audio and export it to the default location. You can see the default save location in “Export route. “

You can access the exported file using any file browser or video player.

Download Doorbell (free)

For Samsung smartphones

If you have a Samsung phone, consider yourself lucky as it has a native hack that allows you to easily remove audio from any video in just a few steps. Also, you don’t have to download another third-party app. To remove the audio, head over to your menu section and open gallery. Next, Scroll down to the video you want to remove audio from and open it.

Select the pencil icon at the bottom. to open the edit window. In the new edited window, you will find tools at the bottom. Scroll horizontally and touch the music icon (musical note). You will find a video sound bar that allows you to change the volume of your video. Let’s reduce it to zero, for dragging the video soundbar to the far left. Lastly, hit save at the top of the screen and you’re done.

You can find the video in your gallery with the audio muted. You can also try on your operating system, which might also support this feature.

4. Delete audio from video on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t even need an additional app to remove the audio from your video. You can use the iMovie app that Apple already provides to get the job done perfectly.

First, open the Photos app and select the video you need to edit.

Then click the “Edit” button or the icon showing 3 sliders.

This should bring up edit mode, from which you need to click on the bottom icon with the 3 dots and from there select iMovie.

Once in iMovie, just change the sound icon just below the time slider and you should have a video with your audio removed.

Then press “Done” and you’re done.

Don’t worry, we are aware that old iPhones do not come with iMovie and given its large size, it can be difficult to download it from the App Store just for this simple thing. If you’re using an older iPhone we’ve got you covered too.

We are going to use a completely free application called Mute video.

Open the app and you should be greeted with a library of all the videos on your phone.

Select the video you want to remove the sound from. After opening your video, you should see a volume slider or adjuster. Adjust the volume accordingly; in this case, we will slide it completely to the left, that is, we will completely mute the audio.

Although iMovie offers many more features and is generally a more polished application than Mute Video, it is more practical to use Mute Video if you are only looking to remove audio from a video.

Download Mute video (free)

5. Remove audio from online

If you think using an app is too much work for you, you can simply use a free online web tool. In fact, there is a dedicated website called Audio Remover to remove audio from a video. The best part is that you can remove the audio from any video as long as it is 500MB or less. The file limit is sufficient for most users.

To get started, visit the Audio Remover website and click “Surf” button.

Navigate to the destination folder, select the video file and click “Opened” button.

After selecting the video file, click “Remove audio” button.

The web app will upload the video, remove the audio, and give you the link to download the rendered video. Alone click the download link to download the video without audio.

That’s it, it’s that simple to remove audio from a video on any device. To add other audio to your video, you can try one of these online video editors or these desktop ones.

Visit Audio Remover

I am sure one of these methods will be helpful in solving your problem. Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences on using the above methods.

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