Best Sticky Notes Shortcuts for Windows 10 Users – Complete List

Microsoft changed a lot with the release of Windows 10 and one of the welcome changes was the sticky notes. The humble Sticky Notes app is no longer restricted to Windows. It has been integrated with OneNote for cross-platform compatibility and Microsoft Launcher for Android users. Being a power user, I’m always looking for ways to get the most out of it, and over the years, I discovered some great Sticky Notes shortcuts to speed up the workflow.

Sticky Notes Shortcuts for Windows 10

These keyboard shortcuts for Sticky Notes will help you be more productive and save time on the interface. Microsoft recently added a formatting bar to Sticky Notes, but it has limited options and is slower to use. The keyboard shortcuts are much faster and better. You just need to know the correct keys. We are here to help.

Let’s start.

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1. Work with sticky notes

Here are some basic Sticky Notes shortcuts on how to open, close, and move around Sticky Notes when you have the app open and you’re working with notes. Simple daily commands for everyone.

  • Press the Ctrl + N keys to quickly create a new note in Sticky Notes. However, the app must be open and in the foreground for this to work.
  • Press the Ctrl + H keys to move the focus back to the note list. The main section where all notes are listed by date. This will not close the already open note. Just move the cursor to the main list.
  • Press the Enter key once to launch the selected note in a new window.
  • Press the Ctrl + D keys to delete the selected note. This will work only when you have the note open and not in note list view.
  • Press the Ctrl + W keys to close the open note that you are currently editing or that has the cursor inside.
  • Press the Ctrl + F keys to search for text in the notes.
  • The regular shortcuts that work everywhere for copying, pasting, and cutting text work here too.
  • Press Ctrl + Z to undo the last action and Ctrl + Y to redo the last action.
  • Press Ctrl + Del to delete the next word and Ctrl + Backspace to delete the previous word.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the keyboard arrows (down and up) to move between different notes on the list. That is a feature that I would love to have.

Please note that once a note has been deleted, there is no way to undo that decision. However, there are other ways to recover deleted sticky notes.

You can choose to delete notes immediately or request confirmation via a pop-up dialog in the Settings area. I recommend that you enable the ‘Confirm before deleting’ option to avoid unnecessary hassle and stress.

You can choose a default color for new notes that are created using the Settings keyboard shortcut. However, there is no way to change the color of the notes on the fly. This must be done from the individual note menu.

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2. Formatting sticky notes

You will find the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the newly created note. It is easily visible and in a convenient place. Let’s see how we can replicate the same functions from the keyboard and what else we can do that is not visible to the naked eye.

  • Use the Shift + arrows keys to select text one alphabet at a time and Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys to select text one word at a time and Ctrl + Shift + Home / End keys to select an entire sentence at once. Press Ctrl + arrow keys to skip one word or line at a time.
  • Press the Ctrl + B keys to make the selected text bold.
  • Press the Ctrl + I keys to italicize the selected text.
  • Press the Ctrl + U keys to underline the selected text.
  • Press the Ctrl + T keys to strike through the selected text.
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + L keys to create a bullet list. Press the same keys if you want to delete it. Press Enter twice at the end of the last bullet to end the bullet list and start a new regular sentence.

Sticky Notes supports bullet lists, but not checklists, unfortunately. That makes it unsuitable for creating to-do lists. One way to work around this problem is by using bullet lists in combination with a strikethrough. Use bullet lists to create tasks and cross out each item / task as you complete them. You can use different notes for different categories or to-do lists.

You can also press the formatting shortcut before entering your text. No need to type, select, and then use the keyboard shortcut. Plus, you can mix and match and use more than two formatting options at the same time. For example, bold and underline.

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3. Hidden and unknown shortcuts

Most people don’t know this, but you can actually align text on sticky notes using shortcuts. There are some cool ways to use this feature.

Press the Ctrl + Tab keys to quickly switch between open notes without using the mouse. Press Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go back between notes.

You can enable Cortana information from Settings that will enhance your note-taking experience. An example is the date and time function. The moment you add a time and date, Cortana will recognize it and offer to add a reminder for it. Insights is a smart way to take notes and new features are in development. Clicking on the address will open maps, URLs will open the browser, the email ID will open the default mail app, the flight number will reveal the flight details from Bing, the phone number will start Skype, etc.

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Conclusion: sticky note shortcuts

You can draw on a sticky note with a stylus if your Windows 10 screen supports touch input. That opens up a world of possibilities including drawing, sketching, and jotting down notes or pictures. You can also add images, but there is no shortcut to launch the options yet.

In fact, Microsoft seems to have discontinued some of the useful shortcuts like alignment, numbered lists, font size and fonts, and more. Perhaps they will reintroduce them in a later update.

Did we miss any shortcuts? Share with us in the comment section below. You can also help other users.

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