How to add custom watch faces on Amazfit Bip

Amazfit beep It is one of the most popular inexpensive smartwatches in the world. Considering the price, the specs are overwhelming. You can get a built in GPS, barometer and compass which makes it ideal for adventure junkies and fitness enthusiasts in my opinion. And being a Xiaomi product, it has a great endorsement of third-party tools and custom firmware.

You can not only set custom button shortcuts, but also set custom watch face. Now these watch faces can be from an app or downloaded from the internet. There are a couple of quick ways to do it and here is how to add custom watch faces on Amazfit Bip.

How to add custom watch faces on Amazfit Bip

1. Third party application

The easiest way to set up a custom watch face is through a third-party app. The app has tons of custom watch faces that you can choose from. The app does all the manual work of feeding the watch faces to the Mi-Fit app. Some custom watch face apps are Amazfit Bip & Cor watch Y My WatchFace [Free] for Amazfit Bip.

Once you’ve downloaded the custom watch face from the third-party app, you can head straight to the Mi-Fit app. In case you have a clock face downloaded from the internet, you can install it with the help of these apps. To do that, open the faces of My watch [Free] for the Amazfit Bip app and tap on the three dots in the upper left corner. Once the menu slides out, tap on “Set my watch faces.”


Now. here you need to select the custom watch faces bin file that you downloaded from the internet. Tap the “Choose .bin” button and select the downloaded file. Most of these files do not come with a PNG or JPEG image to display the watch face. So if you don’t have one, download a white png and set it as a watch face by tapping the “Choose .gif or .png” button. Once done, tap on “Add watch face to local”.


Once the watch face is added, the app will prompt you to go to the Mi-Fit app. In the Mi-Fit app, go to Profile tab and tap Amazfit beep.


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On the Amazfit Bip settings page, tap “Watch face settings”.

watch face setting

On the watch face settings page, swipe right or tap “Local watch faces” in the upper right corner. Here, you should see the watch face you have installed. I have some watch faces installed through these apps.


In case you can’t find the watch face you have installed, please close the app and open it again. Now, tap on the watch face and tap on “Synchronize watch face”. Mi-Fit will now push the watch face towards the strap and you will have to keep the watch closer to the phone.


Amazfit Bip can hold only 1 custom watch face at a time, so your old custom watch faces will be overridden when you sync a new one. So be sure to keep a backup on your phone.

2. Hexadecimal editor

Another case could be if you have a custom watch face downloaded from the internet. Third-party apps can help you install the watch face, but sometimes, you run into trouble if the file isn’t packed properly. To fix it, we need to edit the hex code of the .bin file.

To edit the hex code, we would need a hex editor. HexEdit is a good minimal hex editor for Windows. Once you have it installed, open the software and click File on the toolbar. On the extended menu, click Open.


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Once you click Open, your file selection will appear. Find the downloaded bin file and double click to open it in the Hex Editor.


Now when the bin file opens, you will have the hex code in front of you. There would be a lot of scary hex numbers, but don’t worry, we just have to change a few of them. In the second row, you will have hex codes like ” FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF“. We need to change this to “0F 00 EE 00 00 00 39 60“. This makes the binary file in the same format as other watch faces pre-installed in Amazfit Bip. Save the file by pressing Ctrl + S.

Original code:

hex code

Modified code:


After the changes to the bin file, we need to move the file within the Mi-Fit app manually. To do that, connect your smartphone with the Mi-Fit to your computer. Navigate to the folder ” Android data files watch_skin_local”. Here you need to create a new folder and put your modified bin file inside it.


Once you have placed the file in the location, go to the Mi-Fit app and you will find the watch face under Local watch faces. The watch face would be blank without preview as we do not provide the PNG image. It should look like the following.


Touch the watch face and pair it with the smart band.


Some of my favorite smartwatch faces are the Pebble face, the Time Spelling face. The Amazfit display is not extremely good, so be sure to choose a minimal watch face with few colors.



These were some of the ways to add custom watch faces to Amazfit Bip. Please let us know your favorite watch faces or drop a link if you’ve created one!

For any issues or queries, let me know in the comments below.

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