How to disable the “Show simplified view” popup in Chrome on Android

Chrome on Android has a feature called “Simplified View” that appears every time you visit a web page that supports it. Once enabled, it displays the web page in a cleaner format eliminating annoying formats and ads, but most of the time, it is just a distraction that we must close each time.

Fortunately, Chrome has a hidden setting in Chrome’s flags to disable it. The best part is that you can set it to show only when the page is not mobile friendly, so that we can take advantage of the feature without getting distracted every time.

Disable the “Show simplified view” popup in Chrome

To disable the “Show simplified view” popup, we’ll use Chrome’s flags.

For those unaware, Chrome Flags are experimental Chrome features that are still in the development phase and have not been rolled out to a stable release. It may be a hit or miss, but most of the time, it will improve your browser experience by leaps and bounds.

You can access the flags feature by typing the following URL into the address box of your Chrome browser.


An image showing the Chrome flags page

You’ll see a long list of options, each of which has a drop-down menu that can be set to Default, On, or Off. There are a lot of them, so the best way to find them is by using the search indicator box just below the address bar.

Look for the option called “Enable Reader Mode” in the search bar. Or you can directly open this link to access the exact flag. This flag is only available in Chrome on Android, you cannot customize it from desktop or iOS devices.


looking for read mode by activating the flag in chrome

You can see that the option is set to “Default” mode. By tapping on that default option, you can see a pop-up with multiple options.

Image showing options in reading mode indicator

To completely disable the show simplified view feature, simply change the option from Default to “Never”, so that the feature stops showing up entirely.

Setting the option to never in the reading mode prompt

But if you want to use the feature on web pages that are not optimized for mobile. You can set it to “Articles not suitable for mobile devices” so that the pop-up window only appears when necessary. For my tests, Chrome is really good at finding web pages that are not optimized for mobile devices and it gives you a quick and useful feature.

After selecting a flag option, you will be asked to restart your browser to activate it, this will close Chrome and reopen it adding the changes to the browser.

Chrome relaunch after flag laying

Now the pop-up window that says “Show simplified view” will no longer appear on all web pages.


Although there are some other options like “All Articles” and “With Structured Article Markup”, they are completely useless as they appear on every web page that is an article or has article outline markup, which is something of the default. . it already does. So how did this trick work for you? If you have any issues, let us know in the comments below.

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