How To Quickly Change Audio Output On Android 10

While Android 10 didn’t get a cosmetic makeover, it does come with a lot of major changes like gesture navigation, dark mode, privacy updates, and much more. Plus, it has some nuance changes like Wi-Fi password sharing, battery indicator, digital well-being for your family, and new Bluetooth review menu. My favorite of the lot is the fast sound output switch. This feature is present in some Android skins like Oxygen OS, but now that it has been leaked to Android 10 it should reach all skins. Meanwhile, this is how to quickly change the audio output in Android 10.

Quickly change audio output on Android 10

Previously, when you had multiple devices connected to your Android, the last one to connect gets the audio output. If you have to switch the audio to another device, you will have to unlink the first one. However, it changes in Android 10 and you can quickly change the audio output through the volume menu.

To get started, connect a Bluetooth audio device to your Android smartphone. Next, press the volume rocker and you will see a Settings icon just below the volume slider. Tap on it and a dialog box will open at the bottom.

volume settings

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From the dialog, tap “Play media on” and it will take you to the available Bluetooth audio devices. For example, if you want to switch the output from the Bluetooth headset to your phone’s speaker, tap “This device”. It will switch the audio output to the speaker phone.

volume menuswitch-audio-to-speaker

Apart from this, you will also see that the Bluetooth devices within the menu will be clearly color-coded.

Similarly, to switch audio between Bluetooth devices on a Windows PC, you can use the SoundSwitch application. For example, with the application installed, you can press the hotkey CTRL + ALT + F11, to switch between the audio output from your headphones to the speaker, without having to disconnect the headphones from the Bluetooth menu.

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