7 Best Ways To Fix Google Maps Not Working On Samsung Phone

It’s no wonder that Google Maps has been the preferred choice for most of us with all the navigation features it offers. And while the app seems to work most of the time, it’s also known to have hiccups and bugs at times. One of those common annoyances is when Google Maps stops working entirely. While the problem is constant on all Android devices, Samsung users especially have reported the problem more than anyone. If you’re in the same boat and the usual troubleshooting techniques like restarting the app and phone haven’t helped, you can try using the solutions below to get Google Maps working again.

1. Check the Internet

Whenever Google Maps stops working, the first thing to do is check your internet connection. That’s because Google Maps requires to be connected to a reliable internet connection to run smoothly.

To check internet connectivity, just open PlayStore or Samsung Internet and see if you are connected.

2. Enable high precision

While most people keep High Location Accuracy off on their phones to save battery life, it is a crucial location setting that allows Google Maps to pinpoint your location as accurately as possible.

So if Google Maps is not working, you should try to enable high location accuracy on your Samsung device by following the steps below.

one. Launch the Settings app on your phone and go to Location.

Settings in Samsung

two. There, tap on Improve accuracy and activate Wi-Fi scan Y Bluetooth scan options.

Improve location accuracy

Now try using the Google Maps app to see if the problem persists.

3. Update the application

If enabling high location precision doesn’t help, you can try updating the app. The problem with Google Maps not working is likely only related to the version of the application you are using. Most likely, the developer has already fixed that bug in the latest version. So go ahead and update the Google Maps app and see if that helps with the problem.

4. Recalibrate the compass

Your Samsung device has several sensors that help Google Maps determine your precise location and help you navigate. So when Google Maps stops working on your Samsung phone, try recalibrating the compass in the Google Maps app. That’s how.

one. Launch the google maps application on your Samsung device and touch the blue Point in the center showing your current location.

Google Maps application

two. Now touch the Calibrate option and follow the onscreen instructions to make a figure 8 with your phone.

Calibrate sensor in Google Maps

Once calibrated, go ahead and use Google Maps navigation to see that the problem is resolved.

5. Clear the Google Maps cache

The apps on our phones tend to collect all kinds of cache data as we continue to use them every day. While this data is intended to help an application run smoothly, it can sometimes also get corrupted. This corrupted data can interfere with the operations of the application and ultimately cause it to crash.

So you can try purging this cached data to see if it fixes the problem. Keep reading to learn.

one. Open the Settings app on your Samsung device and go to Applications.

Configuration page

two. Use the search toolbar or scroll down to find Google Maps.

Application List

3. Go Storage and touch the Clear cache button at the bottom.

Clear cache data for Google Maps

6. Reinstall Google Maps

If the above solutions do not solve the problem, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application again to fix the problem.

It’s worth noting that while other Android users can simply uninstall the Google Maps app and reinstall it, Samsung users can’t do the same as the app comes pre-installed. Instead they can disable and enable the app again to see if that helps. That’s how.

one. Opened Settings on your Samsung phone and go to Applications.

two. Now scroll down to locate google maps application. Tap on Deactivate option at the bottom.

Disable Google Maps

3. Once disabled, all previously installed updates will be removed and the application will be reset to default settings.

Four. Now Enable Google Maps from Settings app and see if it is working fine now.

Enable Google Maps

7. Reset Google Play services

For those of you who don’t know, Google Plays Services is behind-the-scenes software on Android to keep Google and Android apps, services, and running together. Therefore, if there is a problem with the Google Play service on your Samsung phone, other applications, including Google Maps, may stop working. To fix it, you can try to reset Google Play services by clearing the app data. That’s how.

one. Opened Settings on your Samsung phone and go to Applications.

two. Now scroll down to locate Google Play services application.

Application List

3. Go Storage and touch the Manage storage option. Lastly, touch the Delete data to reset the application.

Reset Google Play service

Summary: Google Maps does not work on Samsung phones

That concludes our troubleshooting guide for Google Maps not working on Samsung phones. Google Maps is still one of the most important applications for navigation. And the above solutions should help you to fix the problems that you have been facing with the application.

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