7 Websites Every Android Enthusiast Should Know About

The internet is full of useful resources and you will find a wealth of information, even if you are in the weirdest niches. The Android system has a large number of applications and services that help you improve the user experience and efficiency. So if you are an Android enthusiast like me, here are some online services that you should know about.

Best Websites for Android Enthusiasts

1. AppBrain

While the Google Play description of the app gives you a good idea, it doesn’t reveal every single detail like the exact number of downloads, when the app was first launched, and the changelog, etc.

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You can find all this information and much more in App Brain. Just enter that app’s Google Play URL (scroll down to the bottom of the home page) and hit the search icon. AppBrain will show details under the hood, which you cannot find in the description of Google Play applications, such as when the application was first launched, last updated, change log, average rating change, Play rating Store in different countries, etc.

check AppBrain

2. APKMirror

I’m pretty sure you all already know APKMirror, this site hosts the APK files of new and popular Android apps. But the reason I’m including it here is that it not only gives you the latest APK, but it also gives you a different version of that same app.

For example, let’s say Facebook released a strange update and now that the new version crashes on your phone, you can go back to the previous version of Facebook with the APK. Same thing happened with ES file explorer and QuickPic after it was bought by cheetah mobile. People who really want the app and don’t want to look for their alternative, APKmirror is the way to go.

How safe is APKMirror?

APKMirror is one of the few trusted APK hosting sites owned by the same people who run AndroidPolice. However, there is no way to be 100% sure. Google disapproves of users who download the APK. However, an Android enthusiast is willing to take that risk. Correct? I have been pulling APKMirror APKs for the last 3 years and never had a malware issue.

3. Apps.evozi.com.

While you can always find the APK of popular apps from sites like APKMirror, you don’t have APKs of all the apps on the Google Play Store, especially the less popular ones. And this is where apps.evozi.com comes in.

Evozi is a one-click online APK download, which allows you to download an APK of any Android application or game from its Google Play URL. Well, it’s not exactly an Android app, it only allows you to download free apps and games from the Google Play store, not paid ones, to avoid hacking.

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It is safe?

The sites got APKs directly from the Google Play Store, so the app is unlikely to be infected with malware. That being said, there is no way to be 100% sure, you can only be 90% sure. I have been using apps.evoxi since its launch day in 2013 and never encountered any malware issues. However, sometimes I get a timeout error, in such cases you can use your alternative like apk downloaders.

check Apps.evozi

4. r / googleplaydeals

A subreddit dedicated to finding the best paid Android app for sale or completely free. Yes, there are many Android apps and websites that do the same, like ApplicationsSale. Since every subreddit on Reddit is a community, you can see people voting for and against the best apps, and discussing in the comments whether the app is worth buying even at a discounted price or not.

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check r / googleplaydeals

5. Visit your phone’s subreddit.

If you consider yourself an Android enthusiast and would like to know everything about Android, I suggest you follow r / andorid or r / androidapps if you like the apps rather than the device itself.

But in particular, I highly recommend that you follow your phone’s subreddit. Yes, every decently popular phone has its own subreddit, where people discuss everything about that particular device, be it the latest news, tips and tricks, updates, bugs, etc.

For example, since I have a Google Pixel, I subscribed to r / GooglePixel, if you have a OnePlus, it will subscribe to Subreddit r / oneplus. Similarly, there is a subreddit for each device.

6. VirusTotal

Have an APK from a suspicious source? VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files. Keep in mind though, apps like VirusTotal work on detecting signatures that match that of the malware and not on its behavior.

So there are false positives in the results. For example in is Reddit thread, a user got a false positive for a PDF The web application hacker’s handbook, triggered by in-text code samples.

check VirusTotal

7. AppFilter.net

AppFilter is a relatively new service that allows you to easily find applications. It may not have the best web interface yet, but it works fine. You can filter apps based on ads, in-app purchases, category, content rating, and developer. It displays the results in a list and all paid apps are highlighted in yellow.

You can use AppFilter to find out if the app is worth installing or not or if you can get a similar app with more features. Appfilter can also help you find free alternatives to paid apps which you can also find manually, but this website saves you a lot of time.

check AppFilter.net

Best Websites for Android Enthusiasts

These were my picks for some of the best websites for Android enthusiasts. Reddit is always a good place to start when looking for support and answers to a common problem, the community is amazing and always ready to help. APKmirror is a great app hosting website and you can find almost any version of the app unless it has been removed by the DMCA. For those applications that are not available anywhere, Evozi is a great option. What websites do you find useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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