Best YouTube Alternative Apps for iPhone and iPad

According to studies, on average, all smartphone users access YouTube at least once a day. It has become part of our lives. And while most of us greatly appreciate watching our favorite videos on the YouTube app, there are some cases where some unwanted ads pop up or the YouTube app lags, which dilutes the experience. With increasing ads and performance lags, there was a need to find an alternative to the legacy YouTube app on the iOS platform.

In our previous article, we selected some of the best YouTube app alternatives for Android, as well as different ways to play YouTube in the background. But after switching to iOS, I didn’t find any of them working. Although you can watch YouTube in the Dolphin browser for background playback and picture-in-picture effect, it is not a replacement for a standalone YouTube app. So after doing a bit of research, we’ve lined up some of the best YouTube alternatives.

Alternative YouTube apps for iPhone and iPad

1. Mx video player

MxVideo Player is undoubtedly great free software available on the Apple app store. The application is well designed and is compatible with all devices that use iOS 7 and above. It has a simple user interface and the navigation panel is pretty neat. The app offers most of the key YouTube features. You can also log into YouTube from MxTube and watch and subscribe to your favorite channels. The best part is that you can also access Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and you can also access videos from other services just by copying and pasting the url.

MX Video iOS


  • Change video quality from 280p to 720p and more
  • Add videos to your own folders
  • Closed caption support
  • Play videos in the background or via remote control
  • Perform advanced search for videos and channels and more.


  • A little difficult to understand at once.
  • Saving views in iOS 7 and others can be a problem.
  • Intrusive Ads

Download Mx Tube here

2. Video Tube

Video Tube free is another high-quality app that allows users to stream YouTube videos. It is specifically optimized for iPhones and iPads, providing most of the YouTube features for a seamless experience. You can operate it with a simple widget that opens from the notification center. The search function is excellent and the app is available for free download from the app store. Videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and other video streaming services can also be accessed. I liked the quality of the content selection and the trending section in the different categories.

VideoTube iOS


  • The app is faster and allows you to log into your YouTube account easily
  • You can browse and subscribe to various channels and post comments on videos
  • Keep a history of watched videos; and much more.


  • It takes time to load the thumbnails
  • It lacks support for some codecs when it comes to local files.

Download Video Tube here

3. VidMate

This free software is another useful homework app. VidMate for YouTube offers a crisp user interface that covers most of YouTube’s functions. The application also comes with an option that allows you to stream only the audio from a video file. All said and done VidMate is primarily for music video lovers and the app selects content in an understandable way. The floating video window is a nice touch, it works similar to Picture-in-Picture mode.


  • Standard function to change video quality from 280p to 1080p
  • The app can keep YouTube playing on iPhone and iPad in the background
  • Supports the use of a remote control, as well as rating, commenting and sharing videos


  • Some of its features are complicated and need improvement.
  • The interface through sharpness can be improved for greater user engagement

Download VidMate here

4. MyTube

MyTube is one of those applications that is considered one of the most powerful YouTube clients. It contains all the features you need to stream YouTube videos smoothly. The application is quite easy to use. But, the best part about MyTube is that you can choose the default region that the suggested videos are associated with. So if you are willing to know what is popular in a particular region or foreign country, you can easily set that region as the default. All said and done, the categories are exhaustive by nature and you can switch between anything from rap music even meditation music. With that said, I wonder why the app has fewer reviews in the Apple Store.


  • It has a great user interface.
  • It offers a great overall user experience.
  • It allows users to choose video quality, rate and comment on videos, save their own folders, create a playlist, etc.


  • Some of its functions need improvement to improve the user experience.

Download MyTube here

5. Tube Master

This app has an elegant combination of the native YouTube app and the iOS layout. It may take a while to get used to its design, but once you’ve worked on it, you’ll be happy to find a lot of good stuff. To be frank, all of these apps remind me how lacking YouTube is when it comes to content curation and content discovery. It is very easy to set up a playlist and it also organizes the videos according to their priority. That said, I had a hard time using the app as most of the videos redirect to Vevo, a video service that cannot be accessed in select regions like India.


  • The app has a good number of productive features, like swipe gestures to control volume, and playback options that include rewind or skip forward for 10 seconds.
  • The app also allows you to choose your default region and provides background audio capabilities.


  • A complicated user interface and user experience that makes it a less preferred application.
  • Slow and tends to hang up the phone.

Download Tube Master here

6. NetTube

The NetTube app may not be one of the most beautifully designed apps, but it does offer its users hassle-free quick searches on both YouTube and SoundCloud. The app is more focused on music, so if you are normally looking for an alternative to YouTube for playing music videos, this is your app of choice. I love how the app sorts songs based on mood and the best part is that it plays Vevo videos even in unsupported regions. If you are looking for new leads, the Discover section will be helpful.

Another cool thing about NetTube is that you can use this app to watch age-restricted YouTube videos without logging in.

NetTube iOS


  • The app supports YouTube playing in the background on iPhone and iPad
  • A ‘sleep’ setting that allows users to automatically stop playback after a set period of time
  • Useful for people who like to fall asleep while listening to their favorite tracks.


  • One needs to get into the nitty-gritty of the app to understand even the basic functions.

Download NetTube here

7. AudioViz

AudioViz is another app for music lovers and probably the best one for playing music videos. This application has powerful audio playback. The application interface is highly responsive and you can find everything you need in one window. This is probably the only app that filters the music from their library and suggests a corresponding YouTube video for them. Users can also manage and edit playlists that are spread across different genres and categories. My favorite is the automatic playlist creation feature. With this, the app will ask you for your favorite artist and then automatically create a playlist of your best songs to date.


  • The app makes it very easy for users to find their type of music and watch it on the go.
  • The user interface of the application is brilliantly well designed and very easy to use.
  • Not only does it suggest the original tracks, but it also shows the different versions and remixes of the same tracks.


  • There is practically nothing negative in the application.

Download Wiz Audio here

8. TubeX

TubeX is one of the most popular YouTube alternative apps for iPhone. Unlike other apps on the list, TubeX comes with a sleek and material interface.

The app gives you an option to log into your YouTube account, however if you don’t want that, you can still create playlists without logging in. It also supports video history option.

Overall the app is great, there are no ads, and it offers great resolution.


Download TubeX

Conclusion: alternative YouTube apps for iPhone and iPad

While the list of similar apps is huge, here are the 7 best alternatives for YouTube on your iOS device. If you’re looking for something more specific and want to explore more, try a simple app store search with the relevant keywords that suit your needs.

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