How to set up an idle channel (AFK channel) in Discord

Your Discord server may become slow and unresponsive if there are many people on the server at the same time. It may make sense to temporarily kick out users who are idle, but there is a better way, by creating an idle AKA channel, the AFK channel. You can move inactive users to the Inactive channel where users just stay on it and cannot text or chat. Let’s set the Inactive channel on Discord.

Update: – Discord recently renamed the AFK channel to Idle Channel.

The term AFK, short for Away from Keyboard, denotes a state of the Discord user that he is not actively using Discord or his computer for that matter. However, people who play games and use Discord in the background are not considered inactive users. We only want to move users who are not active at all to the AFK channel.

Creating an inactive channel channel in Discord

To create an Idle channel, you must first create a normal voice channel. Although you can turn an existing voice channel into an Idle channel, it is best to create a separate channel just for this purpose. Open Discord and select a server. You can only create an Idle channel if you are the server administrator.

Novice player server: set afk channel to discord

Now, click on the channel name and click Create channel. Another thing to note is that you can only convert voice channels to Idle channel. Therefore, you must start by creating a voice channel.

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create channel in discord for AFK

Select option Voice channel and give it an appropriate name so that people can understand that it is an Idle channel. For example, I used the name Dead Channel (Inactive).

You have created a channel successfully, now you only need to make that channel an Inactive channel. To do that, click on your server name and click on server settings.

Server setup

In the overview section, scroll down and you can look for idle channel option

Open the drop-down menu and select channel you just created.

Now configure the idle timeout. If the person is idle more than the idle timeout, they will move to this channel. I usually prefer 5 minutes, but if there are more people playing RPGs, you can set the wait time a bit longer.

Click save changes. You have created a channel and have successfully made it an Inactive channel.

Now whenever you move someone to the Inactive channel, it will show them a pop-up saying that they have been moved to the Inactive channel.

Last words

An inactive channel is not only useful for moving people, but people can also manually move to the Inactive channel so that they are not distracted by notifications. Anyway, you don’t need to install the AFK Boots On Discord as before, Discord has a built-in option that makes things even easier. What do you think of this method? Let me know in the comments below.

Aside from server load, another major issue with streaming on Discord is the lack of keyboard shortcuts like push-to-talk to quickly switch and return to the game. Anyway, you can easily enable them with the help of this tutorial: – How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord

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