How to use animated backgrounds on Telegram: complete guide

In June 2020, Telegram added several new and cool features of your app. These include group video calling, bot menu, enhanced animated emojis, animated background, and much more. If you like animations, movement and customization, you may be interested in knowing how to use animated backgrounds in Telegram. This post will help you with that.

How to use Telegram Chat animated backgrounds

Telegram has had motion effects for chat backgrounds for a moment. But now the background will move automatically when you send a message. You will notice the animations after hitting the Submit button. You can use the pre-installed animated backgrounds provided in the Telegram app or create your own, which you can even share with others. Please note that only gradient colors and wallpapers support animation. Other images do not support them. Also, the feature is available only in the Telegram apps for Android and iOS.

How to change animated backgrounds on Telegram

Animations are enabled by default for all themes in the new version. If you don’t like the default background, here’s how to change it on iPhone and Android.

Change Telegram background on Android

one. Launch the Telegram application.

two. Tap on the three bars icon. Please select Settings from the navigation menu.

Telegram Android Settings

3. Tap on Chat settings followed by Change the chat background.

Telegram Change Android chat background

Four. You will see multi-colored gradient wallpapers at the top. Touch a wallpaper you like. As mentioned above, only pattern, gradient, and solid color wallpapers support animation. You can customize it to your liking as shown in the next section. For now, if you want to opt for the available wallpaper design, tap Define background. To preview the animation, tap the button that looks like a refresh icon.

Telegram Set Android Chat Background

Change Telegram background on iPhone

1. In the Telegram application, touch Settings in the background.

Telegram iPhone Settings

2. Tap on Appearance and hit the Chat background option.

Telegram Change iPhone chat background

3. You will be greeted by gradient wallpapers, which are the only ones that support animations in addition to colored backgrounds. Touch a wallpaper to check it. Hit the Play to preview the animations. When you like a wallpaper, tap Place.

Telegram Set iPhone chat background

How to create your own animated backgrounds on Telegram

If you don’t like the default patterns or colors that Telegram offers, you can create your own animated wallpaper using patterns and colors that suit your aesthetic. There are two ways to do it.

In the first method, go to the Telegram Chat background settings as shown in the above methods. Play any pattern. On the next screen, tap the Pattern button.

Telegram Change background color

That will deactivate the pattern. However, touch the Pattern again and you will be able to choose between different patterns. I know the design is strange. There should be a separate button for changing patterns rather than keeping it hidden within pattern enable / disable mode.

Anyway, choose a pattern of your choice from the available designs. You can also adjust the intensity of the pattern (how dark or light the pattern should appear) using the Intensity slider.

Telegram Change Background Pattern

On Android, tap Apply / Set followed by the Colors option to choose four colors for your background. On iPhone, tap Colors to choose a different set of colors for your wallpaper. Tap on each color present at the top of the window to replace it with a different color. You can even enter a hex code for your colors. Use the Preview button to see what the final wallpaper looks like. Finally, touch the Define background.

Telegram Change Background Pattern and Color

Alternatively, if you want to create a solid color animated background, tap Set a color in the background settings of the chat. You will reach the background preview screen. Tap on the Colors option. Replace the available colors with a different set of colors based on your needs. Tap Apply followed by Set as Background. Similar to the previous method, you can also add hex codes.

Telegram Add background colors

How to share Telegram background with others

Once you create an animated background on Telegram, you can share it with your friends. For that, go to Chat Background Settings. Touch the background you want to share. When the preview screen opens in the background, tap the Share icon. Choose the Telegram contact with whom you want to share it. Alternatively, tap on the Copy link option after hitting the Share icon to send it outside of Telegram.

Telegram Share live wallpaper

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to disable animated backgrounds

If you don’t like animated wallpapers in the Telegram app, just choose a different wallpaper. As mentioned above, not all wallpapers support animations. Choose the one that doesn’t use animations. An easy way to detect whether the background is animated or not is to look for the Play icon. All live wallpapers have a Play or Preview icon.

How to change the background in Telegram Desktop

While you can change the background on the desktop or web version of Telegram, they don’t support animated backgrounds as of now. To change the background, go to the Telegram settings on the computer and then to the Chat settings. In the Chat Background section, choose an image from your computer.

Can you change Telegram funds for individual chats?

Unfortunately, you currently cannot set a separate fund (regular or animated) for individual chats. The entire Telegram application will use the same background.

Make animations work for gallery images

Sadly not. Wallpaper animations will not work for custom images that you add from your phone’s gallery.

Can I download wallpapers from the web?

Yes, you can download static wallpapers from the web directly in the Telegram application. However, they will not be animated. To download wallpapers from the web, go to the chat background settings. Tap the search icon at the top and search for the required background.

The best of Telegram

Telegram offers a great set of customizations compared to its alternatives. If you like Telegram, you can always easily switch from WhatsApp to Telegram. It even supports bots that will make your life much easier.

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