Top 6 Google Chrome Dino Game Alternatives in 2020

You can find tons of Easter eggs and creative ways that Google makes browsing the internet interesting. One of those Easter eggs is the Google Chrome Dino (T-rex) game that appears when you try to open a website and you don’t have an active internet connection.

Chrome Dinosaur is all about an infinite racing game where you jump and dodge obstacles with basic up / down arrows. As Google would say, you have a T-Rex to keep you busy while the internet is down, however if you got bored with the original game there are tons of mods you can try. So without further ado, here are the best Google Chrome dinosaur game alternatives in 2020. Let’s get right into it.

There are also several Google Dino game cheats that you can try. They will add more flavor to an already addictive game with new features and crazy weapons.

Top 6 Chrome Dino Game Alternatives in 2020

1. Original Chrome Dino game

Like I said, you access the dinosaur game page when the internet is down or you must have already tried airplane mode for the game to work. Frankly, you don’t need to use any such tricks as there is an easy way out. All you have to do is visit this website or just write chrome: // dino in the address bar. Once the page opens, press the space bar to start the game. The rest of the game remains the same.

Check out the original Chrome Dino game

2. Dino Swords

Dino Sword was developed by 100 Thieves and the internet collective MSCHF and has transformed a simple-looking 2D game into a t-rex on steroids (literally). Instead of the basic jump and dodge controls, you get granular weapons that can be used to smash through obstacles, saving you from boring space bar hits every time.

You get 26 weapons in total that can be activated using the keys on your keyboard. To give you an idea of ​​the weapons, you have a depression pill that slows down the game, a portal that allows you to create a portal at the beginning and end of obstacles, and many more.

Take a look at Dino Swords

3. Dinosaur Bot

If you are just starting the game or frustrated because you cannot achieve a high score, this could be an easy way out. Call it a modified game or a cheat, but it allows you to switch between the two game modes. The first is the normal one that ends the game as soon as you hit an obstacle. The second is the bot mode, which once enabled, automatically makes the t-rex jump and advance through the game.

The best part about this mod is that you can enable or disable bot mode at any time during the game. So you know what to do when someone is watching.

Take a look at Chrome Dino Bot

4. 3D T-Rex

Unlike the original game which is in 2D, you can see a 3D pixelated Minecraft-style version of the t-rex game. Since it’s based on the original code, you still have to dodge the cacti by leaning or jumping. However, the 3D game makes it much more attractive and fun compared to the drab color scheme of the original game. The developer has also added custom background music and bounce sounds that you may or may not like, but it makes the game a bit more intense.

The only downside to this game is that you need an active internet connection.

Take a look at Chrome Dino 3D

5. Chrome colored Dino extension (pop-up window)

This Google Chrome extension offers you a color dinosaur game as a pop-up screen on any web page. This way, when you feel bored and want to pass the time or even try your luck to get a high score, you can tap on the extension icon and play in a small pop-up window in the upper right corner of the browser.

You can also enable it in a private window, as long as you enable it in the extension settings first. This also gives you various additional themes like hacker, sonic, and Mario.

Check out the Color Dino extension

6. Avatar jumping game

If you loved the Chrome pop-up extension I suggested above and want to experiment with more avatars, you should give this one a try. You can choose from four themes, help Batman save the city or choose joker if you want. Other themes include classic Mario, light and dark night mode for the T-rex game.

Although it has the Facebook and Twitter share buttons, they are still in test mode and probably won’t work. But you can still give it a try if you get a high score. Here it is another game which allows you to change the theme to Naruto, Godzilla, etc. You can also write your name to rank on the highest score list.

Check out the Chrome Dino Avatar game

Closing Remarks: Alternatives to the Chrome Dino Game

So here are some Google Chrome dinosaur game alternatives that I play frequently. If you ask me, I like to play the 3D version, which has a nice user interface, unlike the original game. When I want to show my high score, I just let the bot play and share the screenshot with my friends. Hope you try all these games too. Comment on your favorite below.

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