6 Best QR Code Reader for iPhone

QR codes and barcodes have become extremely common today due to the variety of information that can be stored in a tiny code. From social media identifiers to bitcoin addresses, QR codes can store everything and you can easily read them with your iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the best QR code readers for iPhone.

1. Camera app (native)

IPhone has built in the ability to read basic QR codes into the camera app, so every time you point the camera at a code, the code instantly reads and extracts the data. If the information can be displayed on the iPhone, it gives you a notification banner that you can tap to open the content. For example, a URL in the Safari browser.

However, there are some limitations to this feature. The iPhone cannot detect and interpret all existing QR codes, such as wallet QR codes. That is why there are specialized applications.

2. QR code reader and QR scanner

The redundant name aside, this app is really useful when you want an app to quickly scan remote QR codes. The handy slider allows you to zoom in and scan any QR code with ease. On top of that, every QR code you have scanned is saved in history.

This app can scan 1D and 2D code types including QR codes and barcodes too. The QR code reader is free on the App Store.

Get QR code reader and QR scanner (free)

3. QrScan

QrScan is an impressive QR code reader app for iPhone that adds functionality that Apple missed. You can keep a record of all the QR codes that you have scanned. So far it’s a convenient feature, allowing you to have that information even if you no longer have access to QR codes.

After scanning a QR code, you can easily share the information associated with the QR code or the code itself. The application also allows you to create QR codes that can be useful. QrScan is free on the App Store.

Get QrScan (free)

4. Qrafter

The usual way to scan a QR code with an iPhone is to point the camera at it. What if the QR code is already in an image on the iPhone? Well this app is made just for that. It allows you to scan QR codes of an image without any problem. Just open the app and select the image containing the QR code and it will instantly scan it.

Qrafter can read most types of QR codes with ease and has a built-in flashlight to make it easier to scan in the dark. Qrafter is free on the App Store and has ads.

Get Qrafter (free in-app purchases)

5. QR code reader ϟ

The Lightning Bolt QR Code Reader has a comprehensive list of features including a Code Scanner, PDF Scanner, Sudoku Scanner, and Dedicated Business Card Scanner. The app can read all kinds of QR codes and barcodes easily. You can enable batch scanning to scan multiple QR codes at once.

The best part about using this QR code reader for iPhone is its ability to generate a CSV report of all the QR codes you have scanned. It would come in handy for those who regularly deal with a lot of QR codes in their workplace. The QR code reader is free on the App Store.

Get QR code reader (free)

6. My WiFis

This is not a QR reader app, but a nifty Siri shortcut that would come in handy if you frequently share Wi-Fi with your guests. This Siri shortcut can save the Wi-Fi password and create a QR code that you can share with your friends to scan. They could connect to the Wi-Fi network without you having to share the password.

Not only that, it will also store Wi-Fi passwords, so even if you forget the password, you will be able to retrieve it from this shortcut.

Get My WiFis by RoutineHub (free)

How can you read QR codes on an iPhone?

These were some good iPhone QR code readers that offer more than just the iPhone’s built-in camera app. Qrafter is ideal for scanning QR codes from images, QrScan adds a history tab to keep track of all codes scanned in the past. If you have a better QR code app suggestion, please let me know on Twitter.

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