7 Best Ways To Fix Google Play Store Stuck On Completing Setup

Despite the fact that the default apps on Android have improved by leaps and bounds, the Google Play Store is still a dump on Android. The app recently received a confusing makeover, but the main functions are still unpredictable. Sometimes the Google Play Store cannot download apps and games, and other times, it freezes upon completing the setup. Read on to learn how to fix Google Play Store stuck completing setup on your Android phone.

Fix Google Play Store Stuck While Completing Setup

The problem is most apparent when you try to set up an Android phone for the first time. The default Google apps come with factory installed versions on your Android phone and as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi during setup, the Play Store will start updating the apps in the background. And then it will freeze upon completing the settings popup in the notification bar.

Until you get over it, you won’t be able to download new apps or games on your Android phone. Let’s fix the problem.

1. Check the internet connection

You must have a good reliable internet connection on your Android phone to complete the setup during its first use. If you are setting up your Android phone with a slow or unreliable internet connection, the application download and installation process will hang in the background.

Make sure you are connecting to a high-speed Wi-Fi network and try to connect at the 5.0GHz frequency and not the 2.4GHz.

If other connected devices are also facing the same issues, try resetting the router and reconnecting your Android phone to a Wi-Fi connection.

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2. Force stop Google Play Store

Whenever there is an app acting strangely on an Android phone, you have the option to force stop the app from the app info menu. The concept is similar to Force Quite on Mac and End Task from Task Manager on Windows. Here’s how to do it.

one. Search the Google Play Store from the home screen or the app drawer menu.

two. Press and hold the app icon and select the little information icon from the pop-up menu.

3. It will take you to the information menu of the application.

Four. Tap on Forced stop and confirm your decision.

That will remove the Google Play Store completion settings notification from the notification bar. Now you can open Google Play Store and try your luck with updating apps again.

3. Deactivate Google Play Store

You cannot completely remove and reinstall Google Play Store on Android. However, you can disable the Google Play Store and enable it one more time to fix the full setup issue.

Long press on the Google Play Store icon and open the application information menu. Tap on Deactivate and confirm your decision. Enable the app from the same menu and try to complete the setup on your Android phone.

4. Clear the Google Play Store cache

Are you facing Google Play Store completion setting problem after few days of use? You can clear the cache collected by the application. Follow the steps below.

one. Long press the app icon and open the app info menu. Go to the Storage and cache menu.

two. Tap on Clear cache in the next menu.

Open Google Play Store and start updating apps once more.

5. Clean Google Play Store

This is another trick that can help you fix Google Play Store stuck on completing setup errors. Here’s how to use it.

one. Find Google Play Store on your phone and long touch it to open the application information menu and touch Storage and cache.

two. Tap on Empty storage from Play Store.

The next time you open the Play Store app, it may ask you to sign in again.

6. Give use of data without restrictions

This is one of the main reasons that can affect Play Store functions on Android phone. You must give Play Store unrestricted data usage access so that you can update apps and games even when data saver mode is on.

one. Press and hold the Google Play Store application icon and open the application information menu.

two. Opened Mobile data and Wi-Fi menu.

3. Let Use of data without restrictions lever.

7. Uninstall updates from Google Play Store

Google Play Store stuck on completing setup may be due to a new app update on your Android phone. You can uninstall the app updates and go back to using the Google Play Store as before.

one. Long-press on the Play Store icon and open the app’s information menu.

two. Tap the three-dot menu at the top and Uninstall updates.

Conclusion: fix Google Play Store stuck on completing setup

If the Google Play Store gets stuck completing setup, it can ruin the new Android experience for you. The steps above should fix the problems for you. Check them out and start using your Android phone normally again.

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