How to Play Nvidia GeForce Now in Unsupported Countries

Nvidia GeForce Now lets you play the games you have on Steam or Ubisoft on their cloud servers. To top it off, the basic version of Nvidia GeForce Now is totally free with tons of free games like Fortnite, Destiny 2, and 73 other games. However, as of now, it is only available in 71 countries as of now.

If you try to access Nvidia GeForce Now outside of supported countries, the message “Currently, GeForce Now is not supported in your region.” So if you live outside of those countries, here’s how to play Nvidia GeForce Now in unsupported counties.


Play Nvidia GeForce Now in Unsupported Countries

Nvidia GeForce Now supports various operating systems like Windows 10, macOS, Chromebook, Nvidia Shield, Android, etc. In case you have a device that is not in this category, you can play in the browser. Jump to this link for instructions to play GeForce Now on any device within the browser.

Nvidia GeForce Now requires that you have a minimum internet speed of 15 Mbps. However, if you have lower speeds, it will only throw a warning and allow you to continue anyway.

Step 1: get a VPN

Above all, we would need a VPN app to switch to one of the supported countries. We have a list of VPN apps recommended by TechWiser and for this demo I am using a free VPN app: ProtonVPN.

Download and install the protonVPN app on your device. In my case, I am using Windows 10. ProtonVPN only supports 3 countries in the free variants: United States, Netherlands, Japan. Fortunately, Nvidia GeForce Now works in all 3 countries, therefore the country selection does not matter in this case. I am selecting the United States for the sake of this example.

Download ProtonVPN


Step 2: Download Geforce now

Then go to GeForce Now website to download the appropriate application for your operating system. In my case, I am downloading the Windows 10 application.


Once you have downloaded and installed the GFN application, open it. Within the application, you can see the included games, but in order to play, we must first create an Nvidia ID. To do that, click on the download button and you will be redirected to the web browser.


Step 3: create a free account

In the browser windows, create an Nvidia account by clicking “JOIN TODAY“. It will open a different tab in the browser.

In case you already have an Nvidia account and have already logged into the browser, you will see the NVIDIA logo. Click on it and you will be logged in with the same account.


In the new tab, again, press the button “JOIN TODAY” button.


You will then be asked to select the price level. Nvidia basically offers 2 pricing models: free and founders. The third one in the screenshot is just the Founder edition with a discounted price tag.

Now the main difference between the free edition and the founders edition is access to the games. The Founder edition has access to many more games than the free members. Also, free members have standard access to the servers and can only play for about an hour in one leg. On the other hand, Founders have a 6 hour session time limit and get priority access to the servers.


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Once you hit the Join button, you will be prompted to log in. But, as we have to create our identification, click on the “Create account” link. You can also choose to log in with Google or Facebook.

create an account

On the Create an account page, enter the normal details like email ID, password, date of birth, etc. to create an account. After entering the details, simply click “Create an account” button.


Once you have created the account, you will receive a verification email at the mentioned email ID. After verifying the email ID, you will be redirected to the Nvidia GeForce Now application. Here, to see the free games, navigate to the bottom and you will see the “Free to play“section. To the right of the label, click the” SEE MORE “button to see all the free games.

Step 4: start the game

You can click on any of the free games and then click “Play“To start playing on the server.

world-of-tanks-blitz - play-gfn

The games on Nvidia GFN are owned by individual companies or game publishing platforms such as Steam, Ubisoft, Warzone, etc. So in that case, you would also have to create an additional account on the publisher’s site before you can start playing.


In the browser

In case your device is not compatible with GeForce Now. For example, GFN is not supported on Linux. Also, if downloading the Windows application and setting it up is quite complicated, you can play in the browser. Nvidia GeForce Now runs on the Chromebook browser and with a Chrome agent switch extension we can also play on Chrome within Windows 10 and Linux. The experience in the desktop application and the browser is almost the same.

First of all, download and install User-Agent Switcher for Chrome. To do so, head over to the Chrome web store with the link below and click the “Add to Brave” button.

Download User Agent Switch for Chrome


Now in the toolbar, right-click on the User Agent Switch icon and select “Options“.


On the Options page, we need to create a custom user agent called Chrome OS.

Basically in this document we are creating custom Chrome OS agent and then we will map GeForce Now domain name with Chrome OS agent. This way, whenever you open the GeForce Now site, ie., the website will think of your device as a Chromebook.

Enter the following information on the Options page.

New User-agent name: Chrome OS
New User-Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS aarch64 13099.85.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.110 Safari/537.36
Group: Chrome
Append?: Replace
Indicator Flag: ASX

Once you have entered the details, click the “Add” button.


Now, we need to add a custom DNS entry – ““. To do that, switch to “List of permanent fakes” tab.


On the Permanent list of counterfeits tab, make the following entries.


For User Agent String, select “Chrome OS” from the drop-down menu. It is the user agent that we just created.


Once done, turn on your VPN and log into the US server For this case, I am using a free VPN app called ProtonVPN.


Then go to and sign up to create your Nvidia ID. The process is quite similar to the desktop variant.


Once you are logged in, you can click on any game and start playing.


Closing words

These were the methods for playing Nvidia GeForce Now in countries not supported on virtually any device. For more issues or inquiries, let me know in the comments below.

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