The 7 best Android apps with movie and TV series recommendations

Some people look for free time to go to the movies, while others take time; some want a theater experience, while others agree with their laptop screens. But whatever it is, we all need recommendations on what to watch next.

Yes, you can always your like-minded friends to recommend movies or search on sites like Quora, Reddit or use Google, but thanks to tons of data collected over the Internet and the increase in machine learning, applications are getting better in the game as excellent. So here are some apps to help you choose a movie next time.

Recommendations of movies and TV series Android apps

CineTrak is built with Stuff, a no-nonsense app for finding, managing, checking ratings for your favorite movies, and it even comes with Trakt integration, but first, what is it? Tract?

Trakt is a platform that keeps track of the TV shows and movies we watch. And after registering, putting the genre of your movie and TV show you like and checking what you have already watched shows you how many hours of movie or how many days of TV shows they have watched.


Just log into CineTrak with your Trakt ID and it will show you recommendations, upcoming movies, top anticipated movies, and much more. It shows you the movie synopsis and IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic ratings.

The app is free, an unreleased beta version, and we find it fairly stable, but it contains ads. The premium version, which costs only a few dollars, removes ads and offers curated and staff-curated movie lists.

If you are looking for a cool looking app that recommends based on some keywords / genres like book based, battle etc. and even your mix, this app is for you.


The home screen of the app presents some preset keyword combinations like “crazy + extreme”, “love story + date”, showing the respective movies. It also gives you curated lists about the genre, like artificial intelligence or science fiction. And you can always search for movies using individual keywords or a combination of them. It shows you the cast, directors, and cost of the movie with the name of the streaming services.

Download (ios)

So has it ever happened to you that you missed an episode of your favorite TV series or you want to know when the next season will be released, but you can’t find out. So don’t worry, Hobi is here.


Hobi is a clean and simple application that shows you the date of the next episode of your favorite TV series, the date of the season and all the details related to it. Just sign up with your Google account and follow the shows and it will notify you every time a new episode or season is released. It’s free, contains no ads, and will be integrated with Trakt soon.

As the name implies, this app discovers a movie, TV show, or documentary by simply filling in some details like the genre, the year it was released, the rating, and even the language, which means it shows movies from all regions. and it is not limited to English only. entertainment.

Suggest movie recommendation

Other than that, you can see the charts, new releases, and you can even bookmark movies. It’s free, but it contains pop-up and in-app banner ads. You can remove them by making a few dollar in-app purchase.

A similar app without ads is Movie geniusBut the only downside is that its popular movies list is outdated and shows outdated movies, but if that’s not a problem for you, check it out.

Are you a person who wants more about your favorite TV shows along with alerts for when the next episode will air? Then TV Time is a must-have app.

Tv time

Just create an account, put in the TV show you’re watching or going to watch, and you’re done. Now, it will show you when the next episode is airing, reactions from the community, podcasts, and some hot items on TV shows. It tells you when new shows are coming and some personal recommendations. It’s free, contains no ads, and is easy to use.

Downloads (ios, Website)

So if you want a single app for movie and TV show needs, then you should look at SeriesGuide.


The app features a clean and materialistic user interface and comes with Trakt integration. You just add the TV shows and movies you’ve watched, it tells you when an next episode will air, and it also gives you recommendations if you log in via your Trakt ID. It’s free and contains no ads.

Now, enough with the application of recommendations of movies and television series and now let’s see an application that allows you to search and manage your movies in two categories that are Viewed Y see. This may seem like a small thing, but for some people, it is really important.


You can search for movies by name, actor, or director. It shows the synopsis of the movies, the cast, the community rankings, etc. It’s free, contains ads, and requires an in-app purchase of a few dollars to remove them.


Although you can search for movies and TV shows on Quora, Reddit, etc., these apps will give you a more detailed and curated list. I liked Popflake and Hobi better. Tell us which one you liked the most or if you know of any other app in the comments.

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