The 8 best apps for rappers on iOS and Android

While most music genres are based on both a combination of words and music, the rap genre focuses more on words and narration. A rap artist has to focus on getting the beat right, a rhyme scheme, and probably a good vocabulary for the pun to sound perfect. Perfection takes practice, but there are tools that can help you. So these are some of the best rapper apps on iOS and Android. Excited to find out more about them? Let us begin.

The best apps for rappers to improve their skills

1. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

There are numerous tools that allow you to create loops, add effects, and also allow you to record. Groovepad is one of those rap apps that is easy to understand and get started.

Groovepad Beat app for rappers

To start making music, choose a package or sound. For example, you can choose hip-hop, trap, EDM, Techno, and many similar sounds. You can also preview the sound of each pack by clicking the play button on the thumbnail. Once you have downloaded the sound, it will show you different sounds in the package that you can click and activate. Remember, these are already on time, so you don’t have to worry about getting out of sync. The application also allows you to record and export the audio so that you can use it with any production software or simply devise using your music player.

Besides sounds, you can also add special effects like flanger, reverb, and also add filters. If you want to review all the recorded tracks, you can find them in the My Records section. The software is exported in.wav format but you can choose mp3 to reduce the file size as well.

Get Groovepad (ios | Android)

2. Notepad with letters

Every musician needs to write, but rappers need to write a lot more. Lyric Notepad is one of the best apps for rappers to organize all songs in one place. I use this app for songwriting, but it’s good for rappers too. You can use Google Keep or Evernote for real-time sync, but if it’s just the phone, you might want to give it a try.

Lyric Notepad app for writing raps

Starting with the most important functions, you can see a syllable count to the left each time you write a sentence. It has formatting options so you can easily bold, italicize and mark the heading with shortcuts. Often you want to add intricate details like how to pronounce a word or additional information that you need to share before the performance, this can easily be done with the notes sections. The record option is also useful when you can record for each line separately.

Another important feature includes highlighting a word to find exact or close rhymes. You can also find synonyms and definitions within the application. So if you need a songwriting tool for rapping or any other genre, you know what to use!

Get Notepad with Letters (ios | Android)

3. Freestyle rap coach

When words are pronounced without structure, it is called freestyle. For those of you who are already familiar, it’s a great way to grow as a rapper and get used to different rhyme schemes. So the more you do it, the better.

The best freestyle app for rappers

It works by generating a random track to rap on with an instrument track. It is different from other rap apps in that it suggests words and rhymes to help you keep up the flow of words. The user interface is simple and you can find a word at the top and suggested rhymes in the middle of the screen. There are enough words to rhyme in addition to the suggested phrases. You can choose the length between songs and also record while singing (still in beta).

Get freestyle rap coach Android

4. BandLab

Now you have lyrics and enough material to turn it into a song. You know how to produce a beat, and you’ve even freestyle, so you’re almost intermediate. But it is necessary to record the song to release it to the market. There are many mobile DAWs you can choose from, but because we need a simpler option and Bandlab works fine.

BandLab DAW for rappers

It is a multitrack recorder, so you can record it with your microphone or import an audio file. In our case, a rhythm track for rapping. There’s support for recording MIDI instruments and even looping. He can do everything a rapper could need. Besides that, you can use the metronome, add a time signature, and also add lyrics in the same tab. It’s very easy to export your song and save it to your storage.

Get BandLab (ios | Android)

5. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune

We are all familiar with oro-tuning and we also know for a fact that many hip-hop artists use it in their tracks. But autotuning is expensive and requires the proper knowledge to process audio in such a way that it sounds good to the listener. But what do you do when you don’t have any of those things?

Voloco is an app for rappers that fills that gap and gets the job done automatically. Oh that’s how cat sounds using the app!

Famous songs like Future “Tony Montana” Y Chief Keef “Citgo” I have used it creatively.

Voloco Auto Voice Tune app for rappers

You can start creating by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. It will instruct you to use headphones if you don’t want echo and voice delay while recording. In addition, you can choose a key, choose from effects such as chorus, noise reduction, natural tone, or adjust the mixer. You can choose a rhythm from your storage or add it from the Voloco Beats section.

Get Voloco (ios | Android)

6. Rapchat

I use Instagram to connect with friends, but I also meet a lot of new artists every day. While Instagram is not a community of musicians, Rapchat It lets you do that and connect with like-minded audiences and creators.

Rapchat app

Start by getting a rap name that would otherwise be generated randomly. The app has three basic tabs – the first is the next tab where you can see the feed and activity of anyone you follow. Then there is the features tab where you can listen to popular musicians, and lastly, an exclusive beats tab for producers and someone just trying to find a beat. You can like, comment, share content, and also follow hashtags.

In terms of production, you can download the backing tracks from the rhythm section and add a vocal track. There are also effects that you can apply to your voice like radio, chipmunk, cave, etc.

Get Rapchat (ios | Android)

7. Rap ​​Fame

Rap battles are a cult from Eminem to Immortal Technique, it’s a culture that has contributed to the growth of all rappers. But with technology, you don’t have to be physically present. With Rap Fame, it’s easy to fight using just your phone.

Some dedicated members use it to battle, but it’s just as easy to get started even if you’re a newbie. There is a hall of fame of the best fighters according to the total of matches and matches won. You can also follow other rappers and call specific people in a game.

Rap Fame, the best app for rappers

The story is well recorded in a feeding. In case you don’t want to participate, just listen, there is also a section for the best battles. In terms of battles, you can choose an opponent or let the app pick one at random. You can fight in audio or opt for video. You can listen to the backing track as many times as you like and write the lyrics in the notepad section of the same window. Other useful features include the option to manually correct latency, filter with autotuning, and add reverb. So if you’re looking for the best rapper apps, this one offers a complete package.

Get Rap Frame (ios | Android)

8. BARS – Rapper’s Delight

BARS is a free rapper app recently introduced by Facebook. Although the app is free, it is only available to iOS users and is still in beta. It is promoted as a TikTok clone, but it is exclusively aimed at the rap community. So if you’ve used TikTok before, you’ll be able to swipe through the interface. A user can choose from professionally created beats and rap them with their own lyrics. Since it is based on a short format, the length of the video is restricted to 60 seconds.

The app is still in closed beta testing. Therefore, there is a wait time once you register.

BARS Facebook Rapping App

It’s packed with tools that will enhance your rapping skills. For example, you have a native rhyming dictionary that suggests rhyming words so you don’t get stuck. There are some basic filters like Clean, AutoTune, Imaginary Friends, and AM Radio.

Similar to TikTok, the app allows you to react to videos and view popular rappers in the featured tab and the latest creations in the upload tab. Lastly, if you’re serious about freestyle rapping, switch to Challenge mode which automatically suggests your rapping word.

Get BARS – Rapper’s Delight for ios

Closing remarks: What is the best app for rappers?

All of these apps are a healthy package for any rapper. From recording audio, producing beats, sharing tracks to rapping freestyle, the list has you covered. You can also choose to install Rap Fame and Rapchat if you really want to grow up and take rap seriously.

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