Top 20 Android Puzzle Games (2018)

It doesn’t matter if you want to refresh your brain or kill time, Puzzle Games offers both. If you look at the puzzle games section of Android, you will see a variety of titles.

It so happens that finding the best puzzle games and playing them is important. In this article, we have collected some of the best Android puzzle games that you can play in 2018. Most of these games are new, but there are also some classic titles. Should we start?

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The best puzzle games for Android

# 1 Monument Valley

Monument Valley wants you to guide a princess through an amazing world. To do this, you must also build great architecture. This game wants you to find new paths and unravel some mysteries along the way. Thanks to minimal 3D graphics and relaxing sound effects, Monument Valley is one of the best Android puzzle games out there.

Price: Monument Valley is $ 3.99 and offers IAP

Take a look at Monument Valley (No ads)

No. 2 2048

2048 is one of the most popular and classic puzzle games for Android. This numbers game can be addictive at times, but let’s keep going. The main goal of 2048 is to move the numbered titles both vertically and horizontally to get the highest sum. There are different modes for 2048, depending on how many grids you have. You can go up to 8 × 8.

Price: 2048 is free to play, offers IAP

Exit 2048 (Contains ads)

# 3 Bonza Word Puzzle

As the name implies, Bonza is a word puzzle. The game consists of finding meaningful words on a particular topic. You may think of it as a puzzle, but it also has some crossword puzzle elements. In case you get bored with the existing collection, you can check out the Bonza team’s daily riddles. It’s a great way to kill time and improve your vocabulary.

Price: Bonza is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Bonza (Contains ads)

# 4 Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express is one of the most addictive puzzle games for Android out there. The task is simple: you have to make sure that the trains get from one point to another without colliding. As you progress, there are more difficult levels and multiple trains. This game does not take up a lot of space or consume a lot of RAM. Simple graphics also make it less.

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Price: Trainyard Express is free to play

Take a look at Trainyard Express (Contains ads)

# 5 Mekorama

Another amazing puzzle game for Android, Mekorama, is about helping a simple robot. You have to help him get through mysterious architectures. In the upper levels, you will find complex shapes and more robots. Sometimes it can be quite addictive to finish the levels. The best part is that you can even design your own level of play.

Price: Mekorama is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Mekorama (No ads)

# 6 Sudoku – The clean one

This is one of the easiest Sudoku games to use on the Play Store. The interface is very simple and intuitive so that you can focus on the play. It works perfectly offline and you can also choose the best level of difficulty. There are many other features, but what we love about Sudoku is the simplicity. Of course, it is a numbers game that requires some brain action.

Price: Sudoku is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Sudoku (Contains ads)

# 7 Millions Hotel Cebolla

Million Onion Hotel is a great puzzle game for Android if you are a Pixel art lover. In case you were wondering, it is an action puzzle game. You will have to kill several characters to complete missions. And the game offers many story cards, hidden characters and other tricks. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to be addicted to a puzzle game, Million Onion Hotel is worth a try.

Price: Million Onion Hotel costs $ 4.49

Check out the Million Onion Hotel (No ads)

# 8 deployed

If you are looking for a minimal and endless puzzle game, we recommend Outfolded. It is an Android game in which you have to unfold ways to advance. You have to unfold a specific shape until you reach the desired place. There are no time limits or trial limits. Outfolded is a unique puzzle game that offers a smooth gaming experience.

Price: Outfolded is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Outfolded (Contains ads)

# 9 Nailed

Interlocked is a wonderful 3D puzzle game for Android. It looks like the wooden block puzzles you’ve seen before, but everything is three-dimensional. Although the game has several chapters and everything, it is a lot of fun to play it all. The intuitive interface makes sure you don’t lose the spirit of the game. The graphics are great too.

Price: Interlocked is free

Take a look at Interlocked (Contains ads)

# 10 skill

Skillz goes beyond your normal definition of puzzle games. The games in this collection are not casual. They are made to induce some action in your brain. You have puzzles to show your math skills, visual skills, and of course the other parts of reasoning. If you think there should be some purpose for playing puzzle games, Skillz is worth checking out.

Price: Skillz is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Skillz (Contains ads)

# 11 Three

Threes is another amazing number-based puzzle game for Android. The basic rule is that you can create 3 just by combining 2 and 1. Once this is done, you can go ahead and create an uncountable number of combined sets. When you run out of moves, the game ends and you can see the scores. Threes is an addicting game and the background music is quite adorable.

Price: Threes is free to play

Take a look at Threes (Contains ads)

# 12 Far 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is another explorer-based puzzle game for Android. It’s basically an escape from the room, but there are different puzzles in each level. The graphics are kind of retro and I loved seeing them. Of course, if you want to play this game, you have to keep up with the history of Faraway 3: Arctic Escape. It may not be the best option for casual gamers.

Price: Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a free game, offers IAP

Check out Faraway 3: Arctic Escape (Contains ads)

# 13 Balance

Balance is one of my favorite Android puzzle games. This game is about electricity and how you manage the electrical grids to make them available. You have to take care of the power plants, the connections and the voltage so that a whole town is fed. It can be quite challenging at times, but that’s what I like the most. The graphics are quite serene and impressive.

Price: balance is free, offers IAP

See balance (Contains ads)

# 14 Gorogoa

Gorogoa is the best option if you like illustrated puzzles. Although challenging at times, it is fun to find clues inside and play this title. To be honest, we haven’t seen many good games in the illustrated puzzle category. It has a great narrative to represent personal narrative as well. You will love this title if you appreciate aesthetic art.

Price: Gorogoa costs $ 4.99

Take a look at Gorogoa (No ads)

# 15 The room

The Room by Fireproof Studios is one of the games in the franchise. If you are looking for a mysterious puzzle with amazing graphics, The Room is the best option. You have to keep finding clues until you reach the final stage. Over the course of the game, you can explore a variety of puzzles, in and out of the main narrative.

Price: The room costs $ 0.99

Take a look around the room (No ads)

# 16 Hitman GO

Hitman GO is different from the typical action game you’ve seen. This is a turn based puzzle game that can kill time. This game has challenging puzzles to get to places and attack your enemies. It follows the same identity as Agent 47, but in the arcade style. Hitman GO is not about telling high-level stories or changing a lot of weapons. Still, it has many levels and stages.

Price: Hitman Go is $ 0.99, offers IAP

Take a look at Hitman GO (No ads)

# 17 Brain

Brain it On is a bunch of physics-based puzzle games. We’d say it’s in the brainstorming category as you have to use some thinking skills. You have to draw different shapes to win each challenge in the game. It is not a game that forces you to depend on a single solution. There are several solutions you can explore to solve a single puzzle. It sure is a great time killer.

Price: Brain It On is free, offers IAP

Check out Brain It On (Contains ads)

# 18 Agent A

Agent A is one of the best puzzle games I’ve seen recently. It’s a graphics-based puzzle game where you can go completely wrong. From the scenes on the screen, you must find the clues and move on. It is the story of an agent trying to catch a suspect, with evidence. There is a lot of storytelling in the game and it may not be for everyone.

Price: Agent A is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Agent A (No ads)

# 19 Lora Croft GO

Lora Croft GO comes from the same developers who made Hitman GO. In this turn-based puzzle game, you must explore an abandoned world to unravel some mysteries. Of course, the movements are limited and they are like a puzzle. But what we love in Lora Croft GO is the element of action and personal adventure. It’s more than a time killer, thanks to the great graphics.

Price: Lora Croft GO is $ 0.99, offers IAP

Check out Lora Croft GO (No ads)

# 20 Infinity Loop: Energy

Last on the list, but probably the best, Infinity Loop: Energy is an amazing connection game. You have to touch the tiles to establish a connection between two points. In later levels, there are complex puzzles and it is more fun. I really love this puzzle game for the simple user interface and minimal graphics. It is an incredible choice to kill your time.

Price: Infinity Loop: Energy is a free game, offers IAP

Take a look at Infinity Loop: Energy (Contains ads)

The bottom line

These are the 20 best puzzle games for Android that we play and love. We have also tried to include games from almost all subcategories. You’ll find category titles like Action, Adventure, Word Games, as well as casual puzzle games. As we said before, you will find at least one puzzle game to suit your tastes!

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