Top 5 Franz Alternatives That Are Free And Offer More Features

So how is he treating you? Franz? Franz is a popular all-in-one messaging app, bringing together all your messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Skype, etc. in a single application. And while it does everything it advertises, Farns has its fair share of the problem. For example, every two hours, Franz will push you to upgrade to the premium version by making you wait 10 seconds. This is especially frustrating when you receive a message in Slack and have to wait a few seconds before you can reply to it.


Fortunately, you can remove this restriction by paying 4 EUR per month, which I did. But after a month, I found some wonderful Franz alternatives that offer more features for free, like password protect selective app and custom channels. So what are we waiting for, are we going to save you some money and check out these Franz alternatives?

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Franz’s Top 5 Alternatives

1. All-in-one messenger

The first on our list is a popular Chrome app, All-in-One Messenger. It goes without saying that since it is a Chrome app, you must have the Chrome browser installed to use this messaging app.

Once installed, the app would sit on your Launchpad or Desktop as a separate app, meaning you don’t have to turn Chrome on every time you need to access the all-in-one Messenger. As usual, the app will allow you to create tabs for each messenger you add. Just click the settings icon to add services and proceed with single sign-on.

Like Franz, you can mute the sounds and notifications for each service individually. And it also supports multiple accounts on each client, so you can have two different WhatsApp or Slack accounts running within a single app.

all in one messaging app

The only thing that bothers me the most is that, unlike Franz, which supports 69 services, All-in-one Messenger only supports 31 applications. For example, I use Trello a lot in Franz, but unfortunately, it was missing in this application. So, thumbs down for me. That being said, you will get most of the most common ones.

All-in-One Messenger is available for any operating system running the Chrome browser, that is, macOS, Windows, and Linux.


  • Basic and intuitive UI
  • Supports multiple accounts


  • Missing applications for workgroups
  • Requires Google Chrome
  • It consumes as much RAM as Franz.

Download All-in-one messenger (Free)

2. IM +

IM + is one of the best options for all-in-one messaging in the Mac app store. You get a clean user interface, a relatively better workflow, too. But it may not be the perfect choice given the price of the app.

The app offers better services than the all-in-one Messenger extension, but you’re not limited to a bunch of services with better customization options. But what really separates IM + from the rest is that it is available for iOS and Android too. So you can have a perfect experience in macOS, Windows 8 phone, iOS, and Android smartphone. IM + is free to use on Android and iOS, however if you want a fully functional version of macOS and Windows, you need to shell out $ 20 or so.

IM +

IM + has a minimal user interface. You can access all services by pressing the icons in the sidebar. By going to Preferences, you can choose options like notifications, sound, etc. Notifications work better since IM + is a native Mac app, not something based on Chrome.

IM + also offers you all the benefits of being a native macOS application. For example, even when you close the application window, IM + will run in the background. Speaking of features, there aren’t many. But the team is reportedly working to provide support for Skype and Slack calls. So the only issue here is the price.

As of now, IM + supports 15 services, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Gmail, Hangouts, LinkedIn Messaging, Instagram, SnapMap, WeChat, ChatWork, and Tinder.


  • Simple user interface
  • Customizable settings
  • Better integration with macOS
  • Navigate your accounts using hotkeys
  • Multiplatform application


Download IM + ($ 20 approximately)

3. Rambox

Pretty much the most professional of all, Rambox will likely be the go-to option for most Franz users. Not only does it offer more services, but it is also multi-platform and multi-device.

Rambox is a perfect manager for personal and workspace messaging applications. The reason we say it is the most professional of all is because of the features it offers. For starters, you can set up an access code to the application. Every time you open the application, you will be asked for your access code, thus protecting the more than 150 messaging services it offers. In addition to separate controls for sounds and notifications, the app also offers Do not bother mode to silence the app completely. And if you don’t see the service in the long list provided, just click on the custom app tab and enter the URL to insert the service into your list.


Also, you can log into the app and it will save your app data and preferences in the cloud. This allows log in to the Rambox app on any other device and you get your messaging services just as you set them up before. Very useful when changing devices. Not only does it include all the commons, but Rambox also offers services like Mattermost, Intercom, Pushbullet, Equipment and more. But not all additional services are free. Additional services come with the premium version along with ad unit Y spelling checker characteristics.

Rambox supports up to 91 services and is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.


  • Password protected
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Multi-device support
  • Adding custom service


  • Paid professional messaging apps

Download Rambox (Free, $ 4 monthly premium)

4. Manageyum

Interface like a premium browser and loaded with all the necessary functions. Manageyum will be your choice if you need a simple but better messaging app.

Manageyum has web-based interface support for all of its messaging applications. It feels like a browser configured for your personal needs. The application supports practically all the necessary applications such as Slack, WhatsApp, TweetDeck etc. You can also find some rare services in the application interface.

Like other all-in-one messaging apps, Manageyum also supports individual controls for sounds and notifications for messaging services. Also, just like Rambox, you can also add customs services here. Just copy the URL and you can add the service to your list.

Another cool feature that we find in Manageyum is the Overview tab. You can see what has been happening on your messaging services, all in one place. It is like a notification center that is very useful if you are a busy person. The app is free until you want a free lifetime update or want to support the Manageyum community.

Manageyum supports unlimited custom apps, but it’s only available for macOS.


  • Optimized for web applications
  • Adding custom apps


  • High price for lifetime updates

Download Manageyum (Free, $ 47 for lifetime updates)

5. Station

A resemblance to Franz with a ton of additional features from all the competitors, Station will blow your mind. The ease of access and the integration of third-party applications in addition to messaging services will definitely make you think twice.

The station application interface is extremely minimal but the most intuitive. All selected messaging services are left aligned and only icons are displayed. Once you log into the app and align your services, you never have to do it again. The application is compatible with various devices. In fact, you can have your teams sign up too and see what services they use.

What I like the most about Station is that you can make Skype video calls, whereas Franz only supports Skype text chat.

Station integrates with 1Password, so if you are a user, you don’t even have to configure a service, all your logins will be taken care of. The app also has the Do Not Disturb mode and a notification center where you can see the updates of all the apps. Also, there is a mute button to mute everything at once. As if not, there is a small icon on the left panel to see the CPU usage of the application. What else do you need now?

Station supports the most services of all the applications on this list, reaching over 500. It is also available for Windows and Mac.


  • Completely free
  • 1Password integration
  • Quick search and jump
  • Support 500+ service includes little known as Asana, Trello, DropBox, Office 365, etc.


Download Station (free)

What are the best Franz alternatives?

Not the best headline this time, I’d say. Because clearly there cannot be a better option. All apps offer something unique and are best suited to people according to their needs. In fact, our team here uses all the different apps. But we sure have left Franz behind, I promise you.

I use the Station app for all my messaging services in conjunction with cloud services. It allows me to open certain files in the station application itself instead of opening a new window. And since the Station app has a minimal interface, it’s almost like editing a document in full screen. Also, to optimize the use of the system, Station puts the most unused service to sleep until I open it next. The app even notifies you when it does. So make your best judgment and let us know your best option in the comments below.

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