Top 5 to-do apps for Mac

Whether you’re a student, professional, or regular Mac user, you need to invest in a to-do app capable of keeping things under control. You can go ahead and build a full application task management system, but we have better solutions for you. We’ve compiled a list of the five lightest to-do apps for Mac that lets you add and check off things done in a couple of minutes.

To-do apps for Mac

The list below is great for those looking to create a checklist early in the day and want to complete it from the Mac menu bar as the day goes on.

1. TickTick

TickTick tops our recommendation list for a number of reasons. The software is not just limited to task management. You can keep track of your habits, use it as a Pomodoro, and even manage projects using the desktop app.

ticktick for mac

As for adding tasks, you can simply add new tasks from the menu bar at the top. It is much better than opening and adding a to-do. We really liked the theme engine offered here.

The TickTick theme is not limited to a boring dark / light theme. The app offers various city-based theme customizations and it looks fabulous.


  • Excellent user interface
  • Tons of features
  • Capable habit tracking
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Theming options are different


  • Kanban project management is not available for mobile apps


The basic functions are free. However, we highly recommend that you go for a premium subscription that unlocks all features at $ 29.99 per year.

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2. 2do

The main selling point of 2Do is the ability to add new tasks even when the application is not actively running. How does it work then? From the 2Do settings page, if you enable the switch to open the application during startup, you can add new tasks from the menu bar without opening it.

2Do for mac

However, don’t dismiss 2Do as a basic to-do app for Mac. You can create lists, use the calendar integration, add labels, and much more with a premium version.


  • A good amount of features on offer.
  • The organization is perfect
  • Add new tasks quickly


  • Looks dated compared to the competition.
  • Expensive


To get the most out of 2Do, you need to opt for a subscription of $ 59.99 per year.

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3. Notions to-do apps for Mac

Notion Task Manager is as simple as possible for a to-do app on Mac. There are no active windows for the app. All you get is a menu bar shortcut to add and take on new tasks.

notions for mac

Open the application and you will see the application shortcut on the Mac menu bar. Click on it and start adding tasks.


  • A simple app to do
  • Track all tasks from the menu bar
  • No active application window


  • Advanced users may find it limiting


$ 2.99 per month that allows you to add as many tasks as possible

Get Notions 2 for Mac

4. Good homework

GoodTask is one of the best task apps for Mac on the design front. The biggest selling point of the app is the integration with other apps. Upon signing up, you quickly removed all of your Apple Reminders and Apple Calendar tasks.

good homework for mac

Smart Lists is an interesting add-on. You can organize tasks by high priorities, later schedule tasks, and more. They are basically tags for tasks in the application.


  • Fluid and native user interface
  • Smart lists
  • Integration with Apple Reminders and Apple Calendar
  • Many customization options
  • Quick actions


  • Expensive compared to rivals


$ 19.99 as a one-time purchase with a 14-day free trial.

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5. Focus matrix

Focus Matrix is ​​one of those few to-do apps for Mac with M1 support. It is a smart personal organizer based on a principle called the Eisenhower box.

focus matrix for mac

Created by Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, the concept revolves around a special priority matrix that helps divide your tasks into various groups based on their urgency and importance.

This to-do app for Mac helps you focus on what really matters and get rid of things that can be painlessly delegated to other people or put off indefinitely until you have time for them.


  • A smart concept
  • Helps prioritize the tasks that really matter
  • The ability to create smart tasks.


  • It can be a learning curve for some
  • Cross-platform syncing is behind the paid subscription


$ 9.99 for the Mac version.

Get Focus Matrix for Mac

Conclusion: to-do apps for Mac

The TechWiser team is currently split between TickTick and GoodTask. Go ahead and choose any of the apps from the list above and start managing tasks like a pro on Mac.

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