Top 5 Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for iOS Smartphones and Tablets

After covering some of the best WiFi hotspot apps for Android users, it’s time for iOS users. We don’t leave anyone behind. Like most Apple apps and services that ship with your iPhone or iPad, the Wi-Fi hotspot app takes a basic approach. It will search for nearby Wi-Fi networks and help you connect to them, but that’s all it can get. The option is available in your iPhone Settings> Personal Hotspot. But it lacks certain features, such as there is no way to securely connect or verify the signal or share some love with other access point users using tethering. We’ll see if we can fix these shortcomings using third-party apps.

Here’s a list of all the Wi-Fi hotspot apps for iOS users that will open up more possibilities for you in no time. Get the most out of your smartphone. Let’s start.

1. Accelerate

Speedify is one of the smartest VPN apps and a must-have for your iPhones. Using channel-linking technology, Speedify will connect to more than one Wi-Fi network and use the fastest one at any time to connect to the Internet. That means you will get the best bandwidth no matter what. No need to switch between access points now. To take advantage of channel bonding technology, you will need to connect to at least 2 Wi-Fi networks at all times.

speed up wifi hotspot app

Because you are using a VPN, you will be protected against cyber attacks often carried out by hackers through public Wi-Fi access points. Speedify has a no-logs policy, which means your business is nobody’s business. Speedify offers top speeds with the lowest possible latency. The free plan will get you 5GB each month, after which the pricing starts at $ 3.99 per month for individuals. Family plans start at $ 8.99 per month.


  • VPN protects against potential threats
  • Improve browsing speed
  • Reduce latency
  • Save bandwidth
  • Competitive price
  • No logs policy


  • Not very reliable connection
  • Works best with US servers.

Download Speedify: ios (Freemium, $ 3.99)

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2. OpenSignal

OpenSignal helps you find the best signal in any area. An open source application with a very active community, OpenSignal will come in handy when traveling to areas where the network is a problem. Not only that, but you can also search for access points in the area and connect to them. There is a speed text button to check upload and download speeds and latency.

Opensignal wifi access point finder

All available telco cell towers have been plotted on a map that opens in Google or Apple Maps. The map is interactive, so you can see the location of these towers and access points on the map, or just follow the circle seen in the screenshot above. Makes it easy to find the best hotspot provider and even the best network before subscribing.


  • Cell tower locations
  • Hotspot locations
  • Test speed, latency, ping
  • Google Map coverage
  • Addresses
  • From massive sources


Download OpenSignal: ios (Free)

3. Wi-Fi anywhere

Wi-Fi Anywhere comes with a ton of useful tools to help you meet your hotspot needs. It will start by searching nearby access points that are open or not. Then there is a security test function to determine whether the Wi-Fi access point is safe to use or not. I would recommend a VPN regardless of what any app says.

wifi anywhere hotspot tools

One cool feature is the ability to detect all the devices that are connected to the access point, including name, brand, IP address, and device type. Useful to find out who else is using Wi-Fi, especially if you have created the hotspot on your mobile. Set data limits and control the same, you will not be exceeded at any time. Finally, you can do a speed test. As you can see, Wi-Fi Anywhere provides a set of useful Wi-Fi access point tools for various occasions.

Wi-Fi Anywhere is fully ad-supported, which can be annoying at times.


  • Speed ​​Test
  • Safety test
  • Monitor data usage
  • Spy on connected devices
  • Improve signal


Download Wi-Fi anywhere: ios (Free)

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4. WiFi map

WiFi Map is a powerful application with many features that you would like to have. The first and foremost is the VPN feature. That means you can safely connect to public Wi-Fi networks and access points without having to worry about phishing and other attacks. Then comes the robust list of Wi-Fi networks with their IDs and passwords from around the world. Yep. A database of access points with their IDs and passwords.

wi-fi anywhere map

To make it easier to find these hotspots, there is a helpful map that loads even offline. Next comes the standard speed test tool to help you choose the fastest Wi-Fi network. One cool feature is that the database will keep updating every time a password is changed.

The application is free to use. Removing the ads will cost you $ 1.99 and VPN plans start at $ 19.99.


  • Offline maps
  • ID and password database
  • VPN
  • Monitor data usage
  • Speed ​​Test
  • Safety test


Download WiFi map: ios

5. TetherMe (jailbreak)

TetherMe is a Cydia tweak that only works on jailbroken iPhones. If you have one, it can save your life. TetherMe offers an easy way to connect and turn your iPhone into a hotspot. That means your carrier won’t know where the data packets are coming from. If you have your laptop connected to your iPhone hotspot, your carrier won’t see your laptop, only your mobile data packets.

wifi hotspot app tetherme

That can save you a lot of data. There are other notable Cydia tweaks that also work similarly like MyWi and PDANet. Review both and choose the one that best suits your needs. A note of caution here. All operators have ways of detecting the anchor, but only when they are actively monitoring it. Be careful when using these types of tethering applications.

The reason people were turning to apps like TetherMe is because in the US, carriers are limiting Wi-Fi hotspot sharing, and when they do, plans are pricey starting at $ 10. .

Wi-Fi hotspot apps for iOS

These are some of the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps for iOS users. Due to the restrictive nature of the Apple ecosystem, there are no good Wi-Fi repeater apps that work like they do on Android. If you know of any of these apps, please share them with us in the comments below. I would recommend OpenSignal for finding cell towers and WiFi Map for finding access point locations and their passwords around the world. You can use whatever VPN service you deem suitable based on your needs as they tend to have different plans.

Please note that due to Apple restrictions, there is no way to share VPN when connected to Wi-Fi or even Wi-Fi using an access point while connected to Wi-Fi network, as we can do on phones smart Android.

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