How to get a custom cursor for Chrome on the desktop

If you’re like me and spend most of your time working in Google Chrome, the standard white cursor can be really boring to look at. So why not add a little pomp and glory and adjust the cursor to make it more exciting? There are several ways to change the appearance of the cursor in Google Chrome. Let’s see how to get a custom cursor for Google Chrome using extensions and apps.

Custom cursor for Google Chrome

1. Windows native method

The old school ‘change mouse pointer’ method still works in Windows. Apart from that, Windows 10 also added a custom pointer color option. The benefit is that this new custom cursor will work system-wide and not just within the Chrome browser app.

one. Look for mouse settings in the Start menu and open it. Now select Adjust mouse and cursor size to open the color options page.

two. On the Cursor and Pointer page, you can change the size and color of the pointer. You can also choose a custom pointer color. To do that, click Choose a custom pointer color and drag the pointer to choose a custom color. Besides that, you can also write the hex color code. This feature is useful if you have a branded color and present with the projector on a large screen.

3. Another method that you can use to change mouse pointers is the mouse properties option. You can access that by selecting Additional mouse options from the mouse settings page.

Four. It will open the Mouse Properties tab. Now you have to click Pointers to customize the cursor. Click on the Scheme option to choose from the default Windows pointer options. Just click Apply to preview the pointer and OK once you are happy with the way the cursor looks.

You can use websites like Cursors-4U or Open cursors library download free cursors

If you want to upload your own custom pointers, tap Browser and select the mouse pointer you want to use. Remember, you must load multiple pointers for different operations.

2. Cursor Commander (third party application)

If you find the above method too complicated, Cursor Commander is a simpler option. It’s free and eliminates the need to go into Windows settings. Cursor Commander has a very simple user interface.

one. Open Cursor Commander and click on the cursor you want to change. From the file browser tab, select the cursor and press Opened. Now just click Use these cursors to save and apply the changes and you’re done.

If you don’t like the cursor or want to revert to the default Windows mouse pointer, click Default Windows cursors in the right sidebar and click Use these cursors again.

Get Cursor commander

3. Chromebook native method

Google allows you to easily change the mouse cursor on Chromebook. It is a native function, plus you can modify the size, color, etc. of the cursor. To modify the cursor on Chromebook, go to Settings> Advances> Manage Accessibility Features> Mouse and Touchpad.

The settings are quite limited and, furthermore, it does not allow you to change the cursor. However, for someone who only needs minor adjustments to the standard cursor, this is an easy way.

4. Custom cursors for Chrome (extension)

The above method is limited and does not allow you to modify the cursor style or add your own custom cursor. On the other hand, there are many Chrome extensions that allow you to do so. Custom Cursors for Chrome is one of those extensions that will take care of all your cursor problems.

There are tons of cursor extensions on the Chrome web store, so what’s so special about this one? Well, not only do you have a large database of custom cursors, you also have the option to upload your own. All cursors are carefully grouped by gender, color, style, etc. For example, you can find cursors for cartoons, games, movies, TV, and much more in the cursors section.

The Chrome extension for custom cursor also has a Windows app that is quite easy to use. Click Apply to change the default cursor and Remove it from the database. It has a huge custom cursor database for Chrome to choose from, although it requires a visit to your website.

Get Custom Cursor for (Chrome | Windows)

Note: I suggest using Cursor Commander for Windows if you want to add custom cursors throughout the system. It is much simpler and allows more control over different cursor operation pointers than Windows’ built-in solution.

5. Other cursor options for Chrome

There are many other extensions you can choose from. The only difference is the set of cursors compared to the options listed above. If you are satisfied with the above methods, I would not recommend using them. Here are a few you can check out.

Final comments: which custom cursor for Chrome are you using

So what custom cursor are you using in Chrome browser? The Cursor Commander app for Windows 10 is a great solution to change or get a custom cursor system wide. Otherwise, you can use one of the Chrome extensions to change the appearance of the cursor in the Chrome browser.

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