How to record 1080p images without PS4 Pro

Recording the game on PS4 is easier than any of the previous generations of PlayStation consoles. You can simply press a button on the controller to start recording your favorite games, but there’s a catch. Not all games would allow you to record on PS4 citing spoilers. Another caveat with the regular PS4 is that it only records in 720p, unlike the PS4 Pro, which can natively record in 1080p. If you publish your games online but don’t have a PS4, you might want to know how to record 1080p games without PS4 Pro. Let’s get started.

This workaround would require additional hardware, a capture card. Capture cardIn simple words, it is a video capture device that can record your gameplay through your console’s HDMI output. It takes the HDMI output of the PS4 as input and modifies the signal and sends it to the computer via USB cable in 1080p. The hardware automatically augments the footage without any major quality difference. Editing a video in 720p vs 1080p makes a huge difference.

Record 1080p images without PS4 Pro

I’ll be honest. Capture cards are not cheap and can cost close to $ 80 and go up to $ 400. I would only recommend buying a capture card if you plan to use it regularly. To record the game from time to time, the native recording function would work fine.

used to AverMedia Live Gamer Portable Capture card for recording 1080p images on the PS4 Slim. At this point, any capture card that claims to record in 1080p would work. The process of installing the software and burning your game would be similar for most of the capture cards out there.

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable

To get started, first install the software in the computer. Go to the Capture Card website and select your capture card model to download the software. You can check the model number on the back of the device, the website also allows you to select your model by showing you a picture.

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After selecting your model, install the Download Manager for your system using the link on the website. The Download Manager will install the firmware, drivers and all the necessary applications to record the PS4 stream.

The Download Manager will automatically detect it and guide you through the installation process. You should download all the necessary drivers, firmware and applications and then install the packages on your system.

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After the installation of the drivers and applications is complete, run the RECentral application and connect the capture card to your computer. You can start recording by clicking the big red button in the middle of the window. Before we start recording the footage, let’s make sure the video settings are set to 1080p. Click Wizard to open settings.

In the setup wizard, you can select the video source, audio source, platform, and video setup. You can also configure hotkeys to instantly start recording with the push of a button.

Click on the Video Settings tab, adjust video resolution and configure it up to 1920 × 1080. Click the ‘Done’ button and now we are ready to record the video.

After pressing the big red button, RECentral would start to project the PS4 screen to the application window. You can start recording the game by clicking the smaller red button at the bottom of the window. It may lag a bit on projection, but don’t worry once the video is done shooting, it will come out just as smooth as on the PS4. If a game can hit 60FPS, then the recorded footage will also be 60FPS, which is impressive.

You can save the video after pressing the stop button to the video folder. Check video file details and easily edit clips for your YouTube channel.

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Record 1080p without PS4 Pro

This was a quick way to record 1080p without PS4 Pro. I agree that it involves additional hardware to do so, but as of now, it is the only method to record in Full HD. You can download any of the popular capture cards from Amazon and they would work just fine with your PS4. You can comment below or contact me on Twitter if you have any problem while recording 1080p without PS4 Pro.

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