How to take a scrolling screenshot in Windows 11

Taking a screenshot in Windows is easy. All you have to do is press the PrtScn or Print Screen button on your keyboard and it will be neat. Then you can paste the screenshot anywhere, like the Paint app. The problem is that it only takes a screenshot of the visible area of ​​the screen. What if you want to take a scrolling screenshot in Windows 11 so that the items below the screen are also captured?

Screenshot scrolling in Windows 11

This useful tool would be useful in various situations and applications. Some examples that come to mind are spreadsheets, web pages, Twitter threads, and more. While Microsoft has long shipped the Snipping Tool to take and annotate screenshots in Windows, it is still unable to take scrolling screenshots. But there are some third-party browser extensions and desktop apps that can take scrolling screenshots in Windows 11.

Let’s start.

Awesome screenshot (Chrome / Chromium and Firefox)

This is perhaps one of the best screenshot browser extensions right now and it is free to download and install on both Google Chrome and Firefox. Note that any extension that works in Chrome will also work in other Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Brave, etc.

You can not only take scrolling screenshots but also record screen using simple and effective tabbed menu. Once the screenshot has been taken, there are many tools to annotate the image. Stop talking!

one. Download Awesome Screenshot (free) using the shared link below.

two. Open the website or article where you want to take a scrolling screenshot. Click on the awesome screenshot icon and below the Capture tab, select Full page. At the bottom, you can choose to save the file locally or to iCloud. The latter will involve a few more steps to connect the Google Drive account. We chose a place to simplify things.

Chrome extension to take a scrolling screenshot

3. The moment you start the process, you will notice that the selected web page scrolls automatically while the extension does its job. You can see the progress bar in the upper right corner of the screen. There’s a Stop to stop, not cancel, the process. Once done, the captured scrolling screenshot will open in a new tab.

take a screenshot of browser scrolling in Windows 11

Four. Once the scrolling screenshot is taken and processed, which can take a few seconds, it should open in a new tab with an annotation toolbar at the top. Here you will find different tools like resizing, text, emojis, shapes, etc. Click on the Done when you have edited the screenshot to your liking.

annotating scrolling screenshots in Windows 11

5. Click on the Back arrow to return to the annotations screen. Click on the Download to download the scrolling screenshot to your Windows 11 computer. There are also options to directly share the screenshot with popular messaging apps like Slack and save the image to cloud storage sites like Drive.

download and save scrolling screenshot in Windows 11

Download awesome screenshot: Chrome | Firefox

2. PicPick

The problem with browser extensions that take scrolling screenshots is twofold: they work on all operating systems and not just Windows because they are linked to the browser. But on the other hand, they cannot capture the desktop or other natively installed applications.

PicPick is a powerful yet free graphics design image editor that can also take scrolling screenshots on Windows 11 and earlier versions. Since PicPick is a desktop application, it works across the entire operating system and works everywhere.

one. Download the application and install it from the link below.

two. Under the Start menu, click the Scrolling window to start taking a scrolling screenshot of any Windows application or browser tab.

Scrolling screenshots with the picpick application in Windows 11

3. Once the screenshot has been taken, you can annotate, resize, add cool effects like shadow, watermark, etc., and much more. There are several options to export and save the image as well.

PicPick’s free version supports scrolling screenshots, so there’s no need to upgrade unless you need to use other tools that come with the app. The single user license starts at $ 29.99 for two machines.

Download PicPick

Summary: take scrolling screenshots in Windows 11

It’s surprising that after all these years, a basic feature like this is still missing from the Windows operating system. This should have been addressed by now, but has not been. Fortunately, there are many browser extensions and desktop applications for taking scrolling screenshots on a Windows computer. These utilities are lightweight, free, and easy to use. Which one are you using?

Click the link below to learn how you can take scrolling screenshots on Android and iOS smartphones, respectively.

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