The 17 best self-help apps for Android and iOS

While you can’t change your true self, you can certainly improve yourself and make better decisions in life. Recently, I have shared some of the best self-help audiobooks to improve yourself and change the perspective of your life. As a compliment, here are some of the best self-help apps that you can use together to improve yourself.

Best Self Help Apps


Self-help starts with having the right plan and habits. is one of those apps that gives you the right tools to create and manage your habits. Plus, you can get great support from the huge community. If necessary, you can get your own private trainer for better support. If you are looking to improve your mindset, apply positive reinforcement, and responsibility, then is the perfect app for you.

Price: The app is free and has ads.

Download to Android Y ios

self-help app - 01 - Coach

2. Remente

Remente is one of the most popular self-help and personal development apps that can help you get organized, focus, and be productive in reaching your goals. The application has several different modules within it, such as goal plans, personal development articles, journal, planner, goal setting guide, tips on good communication and leadership, etc.

Price: The base game is free, but some modules are locked. You can unlock them through in-app purchases.

Download Remente for Android Y ios

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self-help app - 02 - Remente

3. Psychology of success

The Psychology of Success is packed to the brim with some incredible tips for improving and staying positive. In addition, you can also teach him your financial strategy and how to differentiate good habits from bad habits. The application has more than 80 slides and graphics to get you started. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward app that teaches self-improvement, give Success Psychology a try.

Price: The app is free and has ads.

Download Psychology of Success for Android

Self Help App - 03 - Psychology of Success

4. you

One of the things that stops most people is not their lack of motivation or drive, but anxiety and depression. Youper uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect and monitor your mental and emotional health. One time Every day, answer Youper’s questions to get an evaluation. and follow the plan designed by industry experts to improve.

Price: The application is completely free.

Download Youper to Android Y ios

self-help app - 04 - Youper

5. Simple Habit Meditation

From my personal experience, you can contain, control and improve many aspects of your behavior and your life through a few minutes of meditation. As you can guess from the name, this app is made specifically to teach you and help you meditate. The great thing about this app is that it not only teaches you how to meditate properly, but it also shows you how to make your daily habit of improving yourself.

Price: The app is free and has in-app purchases to unlock additional modules and features.

Download Simple Habits Meditation for Android Y ios

Self Help App - 05 - Simple Habits Meditation

6. Personality development app

Well, the name of the app says it all, right? The app is designed by industry experts and contains a wide range of helpful tips and self-improvement training articles. What makes the app special is its real-life surveys that focus on different aspects of personality. If you are looking for an application that share helpful tips and articles on self-improvement then try this app.

Price: The app is free and has ads and in-app purchases to unlock advanced modules and capabilities.

Download the Personality Development App to Android

Self Help App - 06 - Personality Development App

7. make me better

Make Me Better is very similar to the personality development app in that shows you helpful tips, success stories, self-help tips, and more.., to improve it and achieve its objectives in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, the app also helps you set goals, develop habits, introspection, and lifestyle choices.

Price: The application is completely free and has ads.

Download Make Me Better to Android.

Self Help App - 07 - Make Me Better

8. Emotional intelligence

Often times, keeping your emotions in check while making decisions can lead to better results. Emotional intelligence is an application that teaches you how to manage your emotions and improve logical thinking, rrelaxation and psychology. The app covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to self-help, mental health, body language, lifestyle, etc. If you are looking to improve your logical reasoning and thinking, this is the app for you.

Price: The application is completely free and has ads.

Download Emotional Intelligence for Android Y ios

Self Help App - 08 - Emotional Intelligence

9. ThinkUp

ThinkUp is an affirmation and positive reinforcement app to help you relax and motivate yourself to achieve your goals. The application gives you personalized affirmations and inspirations every day. What makes ThinkUp special is that it allows you to create your own personal improvement program using the tools and information provided by the application.

Price: The base application is free. Some parts of the app are locked behind a paywall and require in-app purchases to unlock.

Download ThinkUp for Android Y ios.

self-help application - 09 - ThinkUp

10. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal takes a different approach to self-help and self-improvement. The application is designed to function as a diary or diary. where it records events and things from the previous day. Each entry helps you find happiness and gratitude to develop self-confidence and inspiration. Gratitude Journal is one of those applications that every user should use to learn to be grateful, down to earth, and inspired through past experiences.

Price: Gratitude Journal is free.

Download Gratitude Journal to Android.

Self Help App - 10 - Gratitude Journal

IOS users can download Grateful (free with in-app purchases).

11. Smarter time

Self-help starts with learning, being productive, and managing time in the most perfect way possible. If you are looking improve your time management skills and trying to find a healthy balance between your work and your personal life, Smarter Time is for you. The app has various useful functions like time stamp for daily schedule, analysis, time tracking, goal setting, time manager, sleep tracker, etc.

Price: The base app is free and has in-app purchases to unlock additional features.

Download Smarter Time for Android.

Self Help App - 11 - Smarter Time

The iOS application is up and running. If you want, you can download the macOS desktop client from the official Web site.

12. Happy

The goal of Happify is simple, using scientifically proven methods and games, helps you relieve stress, be happy, overcome negative emotions, and even improve your emotional well-being. The app not only tracks your daily progress, but also gives you a 20-page report from the VIA Institute.

Price: The app is free and has in-app purchases to unlock additional features.

Download Happify to Android Y ios.

Self Help App - 12 - Happify

13. 7 minute workout

One of the best ways to improving yourself is doing workouts. No matter how you feel, exercising and straining your body clears your mind and soul and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. As good as it is, most of us don’t know where to start or don’t have as much time to exercise on a daily basis. That’s where the 7-minute workout comes in. Just follow the instructions on the app for 7 minutes a day and see how much you will improve over time, both physically and mentally.

Price: The app is free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download 7 Minutes Workout to Android Y ios.

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Self-help app - 13 to 7 minute training

14. Fabulous

Habits are an important part of improving yourself. Fabulous is a scientifically designed application that improve your habits using science-based tasks. Not only can Fabulous help you achieve your goals, but it can also make you create transformative morning tasks for improvement.

Price: The app is free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Fabulous for Android Y ios.

Self Help App - 14 - Fabulous

15. What’s up?

It is common sense that anxiety, anger, and stress are detrimental to your daily life and cause unnecessary problems and complications. Solving those problems will take you one step further to improve. What’s Up is an intelligently designed app with Simple steps to better deal with your mental health.. Furthermore, the app can also act as your habit tracker and journal to keep track of your activities.

Price: The application is free and is purchased from the application.

Download What’s Up for Android Y ios

Self Help App - 15 - What's Up

16. takes a unique self-help approach. The application matches you with other users who have the same goal. like you so that you can grow together and help each other when needed. If you are looking for a collaborative way of self-improvement, try

Price: The application is completely free.

Download to Android Y ios

Self Help App - 16 - Uloo

17. My affirmations

My Affirmations is a simple application that aims to change the way you see your life by constantly reminding you of the values ​​you want to instill in your mind and life. Also, the app tries to impart positive thoughts in specific durations for your mind to follow subconsciously. If you are looking to create positive affirmations and improve the way you view your life, then the My Affirmations app is for you.

Price: The app is free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download My Affirmations to Android

Self Help App - 17 - My Affirmations

I hope that helps. Comment below if you think I missed any of your favorite Android and iOS self-help apps.

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