The best alarm clock apps for people who sleep a lot (Android | iOS)

Apple has Bedtime and Android has Google Clock; both allow you to set an alarm. In fact, Bedtime can even track your sleep, while Google Clock lets you set the Spotify alarm (although we do not suggest setting your alarm with your favorite song). In general, these apps are fine for most people, but they lack many useful features such as: smart alarms, activation options, sleep tracking, integration with wearable devices, and much more. That’s where third-party alarm apps come in. So, if you’re looking for just the right amount of oomph, these alarm clock apps will do the extra to make sure you can’t get away without waking up in the morning. Let’s take a look at the best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers.

The best alarm clock apps

1. Alarms

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is one of the most popular alarm clock apps that along with its alarm functions can show you the weather and news. It also comes with some customization and theming options.

How it wakes you up

  • Photo mode: Register a place or object that you need to take a photo of to turn off the alarm.
  • Shake Mode: When the alarm starts to sound, shake the phone fifty times to turn it off.
  • Math Problem Mode – The app will present you with an equation or math problem that you need to solve.

Shake mode really takes some effort, but I felt like the math problems are too easy and not that efficient to wake you up.

Download Alarms (ios, Android)

2. Wakie Community

Wakie might seem a bit strange at first, but trust me, it really does the job you need – it definitely wakes you up in the morning! Basically, it’s a social platform through which you can talk to a stranger Anywhere in the world.

How it wakes you up

Talking to strangers, making friends, all of that is fine, but what’s even better is that Wakie lets you ask for a wake-up call; where a a random person can call you to wake you up by calling you. If no humans are available, the app uses a bot to make the call. However, it is one of the most unique alarms that I have come across.

Wakie works surprisingly well to wake you up from your slumber; something about talking to a random person just wakes you up and especially if you are a more sociable person. The community is quite populated and during the time I tested the app, I never received a bot call.

Download Wakie (ios, Android)

3. Sleep better

The next app on our list, Sleep Better, takes a more scientific approach to sleep patterns and cycles to make waking up more efficient and easier. The app allows you to track your sleep, caffeine and alcohol intake, exercise information, and even keep a sleep diary.

How it wakes you up
By simply placing your device next to your pillow, the Sleep Better sleep tracker can monitor your sleep cycles and track the length of your deep sleep cycles and light cycles. And smart enough, the app wakes you up while you’re going through a light cycle so you feel much more energetic when you wake up instead of feeling lazy.

This app provides all the information related to sleep and excellent sleep tracking. I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect or not, but I really did notice a difference waking up to a lighter sleep cycle – it was much easier to wake up, and I felt less lazy.

Download Sleep Better (ios, Android)

4. Walk with me!

Walk Me Up is a pedometer-based alarm clock app where you have to get up and walk to turn off the alarm.

How it wakes you up

As the application says, Walk Me Up does not wake you up, but rather “walks” you from sleep. The app makes you get out of bed and walk a certain number of steps before it stops ringing. You can set the number of steps yourself and there is also a “malign mode” that does not allow you to snooze the alarm until you walk the required number of steps.

It even has smart algorithms for detecting tremors, so you can’t just shake your phone and pass them as footsteps.

Download Walk Me Up (ios, Android)

5. Sleep like Android

Sleep as Android is one of the most popular sleep tracker apps for Android, which also comes with a host of alarm options. Like the previous apps on the list, you can use CAPTCHA, QR code, or NFC tag to get out of bed. But unlike any app, it also helps you fall asleep with lullabies or nature sounds. And while you sleep, you can track your sleep quality, REM cycle, deep and light sleep, etc. either by sleeping with your phone on your bed or by integrating many portable sleep apps like Android.

The alarm feature is completely free, however, sleep tracking is paid. For the first 14 days of use, Sleep as Android is free, then sleep tracking works on alternate days, which can be removed by upgrading to the pro version that costs around $ 9.

In addition to waking up to alarms, you can use the companion Sleep as Android app for better sleep tracking.

Download Sleep As Android (Android)

6. I can’t wake up

I can’t wake up packs a lot and is feature packed to the brim. I’m sure just using the app and not looking at its price, one would never guess that the app is free, it feels like a full quality app.

How it wakes you up

The app offers a host of activation tasks ranging from solving math equations and shaking your phone to scanning a particular barcode and memory games. These are customizable and if you fail to solve the task, the alarm will start again.

I can’t wake up strikes a perfect balance between mental and physical awakening tasks and I especially liked the barcode scan where you can set an item as far away as you want, essentially getting you out of bed. However, with so many to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Download I can’t wake up (ios, Android)

7. MoneyAlarm 2

MoneyAlarm 2 is probably the craziest alarm clock app you will ever come across and if you think you have something to do with your money, you are absolutely right.

How it wakes you up
First, within the app, you need to add money through in-app purchases. And once you’ve established how much money is being deposited each time, you’re good to go. If you don’t wake up and confirm that you are awake within 2 minutes of the alarm, the app will deposit a certain amount of money.

Who wouldn’t wake up if they had their own money at stake? This is honestly too much for me and I can’t see myself using it, but if you’re determined and need something to overcome your laziness no matter what, this might be the best alarm clock app for rich people.

Download MoneyAlarm 2 ios (Free) | For Android: Time is money

8. WakeMe social alarm clock

WakeMe is a social alarm clock where your friends, relatives or family members can help you get out of bed and start your morning.

How it wakes you up:

  • First, set the alarm with its appropriate date and time and maybe a label.
  • You can then ask your friends or family to wake you up by sending a short video.
  • Instead of ringing in the morning, all the videos sent by your loved ones are played as an alarm.

Something about humans, especially those close to him trying to wake him up, works way better than any ringtones or tasks. Encouraging videos or any kind of videos they send you motivate you much more. The best part is that each morning can be different and full of surprises!

Download WakeMe Social Alarm Clock ( Android)

9. Beditations

As the name suggests, Beditations works with an interesting idea of ​​going to bed with meditations. Instead of the traditional alarm tone, math problem or QR code, etc., this app will gently bring you out of sleep with guided meditations. Similarly, at night, you can play soothing soundtracks to help you relax and sleep better. Some of the meditations are free, and if you like to try new meditations, you can do so by paying for the paid version.

If you don’t like traditional alarm clock methods, give it a try. Waking up to a stranger’s voice may be a bit strange at first, but you will get used to it.

Download Beditations (ios, Android)

The best alarm clock apps

So these were some of the best alarm clock apps for heavy sleepers. These give you just the right amount of oomph you need to get out of bed. I tried to cover such a wide spectrum with different and unique shapes. Every app tries to wake you up and we really hope you find something perfect for you. If we missed any of the apps you use, please let us know in the comment section below.

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