Top 6 Apps to Find Public Restrooms Near Me on Android and iOS

What do you do when nature calls you? When you feel the need, you have no choice but to find a bathroom or just wait. While public toilets are not usually the most hygienic place in the world, when you have to go, you have to go.

Because this seems to be a universal problem that crosses all borders and seas, I will share some apps for Android and iOS users to help out. These apps come with a map of the city with restrooms and toilets marked on them. If you live in the concrete jungle, you must have a bathroom finder app at all times. Let’s start.

Find a public toilet near me

1. Google Maps

If you live in India or are going to visit India soon, then you should know that you can find public toilets directly on Google maps. Yes, in addition to showing real-time traffic, local reviews, real-time location, traffic prediction, etc., Google Maps can also help you find a public toilet near you.

search public toilets google maps

In partnership with the government of India and the Swatch Bharat initiative, Google Maps now has a database of more than 50,000 public toilets in more than 2,300 cities in India. All you have to do is just type ‘public toilets‘within the search option in Google Maps. Or you can even ask the Google Assistant “public restrooms near me.”

Bonus tip: In a crowded city, it can be difficult to find a public toilet than to find chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Malls, Petrol Pump, etc. While they are not recommended for littering, in an emergency, they are a good option. Most franchises have a bathroom that is open to the public or customers. They are also quite easy to find on Google maps.

google maps Android | ios

2. SitOrSquat

SitOrSquat is an application to find public toilets near me and is available on both Android and iOS. Built by toilet paper giant Charmin, the app comes with over 100,000 toilets marked on an interactive map. You can also get ETA like on Google Maps. Now you know how long you need to hold before releasing it.

sitter or sit-down toilet finder with ratings

The only feature I like is the rating system where you can rate a bathroom as worthy of “sitting” or just “squatting”. Useful if you are very conscientious and cannot handle a dirty or poor quality bathroom. Did you find a bathroom that is not on the map? Add it yourself for the benefit of others. Another feature worth mentioning is the handicap accessible filter, useful for people with different abilities.

SitOrSquat is completely free.

Download SitOrSquat: Android | ios

3. Rinse

Flush is another application to find the closest public toilets. Again, it is well designed and quite easy to use. When you’re under pressure, you don’t want to get bogged down with too many options. You just need a solution and fast. Flush works offline, which means the locations of thousands of public restrooms can be easily accessed.

flush toilet finder

With a database of more than 200,000 toilets and bathrooms worldwide, the application uses Google Maps to provide directions. There is an automatic mode in which the app will determine the closest bathroom near you and show you directions. A real time saver. Again, additional information is available, such as whether the bathroom is free or not, suitable for the disabled, or requires a key.

Flush is advertised but free to use.

Download Flush: Android | ios

4. Toilet Finder

Another app that promises to find a bathroom near me and again works great. As of this writing, Toilet Finder has a database of over 150,000 bathrooms marked on a map. One cool feature is smart assistant support. Just say Hello to activate GPS and the app will find a public toilet near you.

toilet search app

Again, it comes with a rating system, restrooms are marked as free or paid, and handicap accessible or not. It has advertising, but is otherwise completely free. Add any new locations that are not marked. The process is pretty straightforward and straightforward. Overall, it works very similar to other public toilet apps on the list, except ETA.

Download Toilet Finder: Android | ios

5. Where are there public toilets?

Where is Public Toilet comes with a powerful filter option. You can find accessible restrooms only for men or women, unisex and for the disabled. And what is more? You can also see if you have a sharps removal unit installed or not. Other filter parameters include faucets, cost, nearby parking, showers, baby changing area, and drinking water. There is also support for MLAK. Frankly, you can find public restrooms, toilets, and toilets near you in no time. You can then sort this list by distance.

Where is the public toilet with street view and map?

That’s a lot of flexibility, which is why the app is so popular with over 280,000 locations marked on the map. Oh, the map comes with support for Google Maps and Google Street View built into it.

The only thing that goes against the application is the user interface, which is outdated and not intuitive. It’s not a big deal and some people may think I’m picky. But the application works very well and the information is good. It comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download Where are there public toilets? Android

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6. I have to go

Formerly known as Where to Wee, Got to Go is the latest app for finding toilets near your location on the list. Like other apps on the list, there is a large database that is restricted to North America. As such, the application has a very detailed map that not only tracks bathrooms and toilets, but also cafes, restaurants, etc. It is especially useful when you are on a road trip and you have to go.

Find the best bathrooms in North America

The app also lists Best Bath Sponsored by Cintas. What’s that? These are award-winning bathrooms and toilets throughout North America. They are clean, spotless and innovatively designed. You know, the ones you usually remember and share with your friends?

Download Got to Go: Android | ios

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Applications to find nearby public toilets

Here are some of the best apps for finding public restrooms near your current location. Never again will you have to hold on or feel embarrassed because you couldn’t find a suitable toilet or bathroom for you. Especially useful for people with Crohn’s disease or those with intestinal problems. Also, don’t forget to do your part. Always add a location to the application you are using if it is missing. It could help someone else. Be responsible and let it go.

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