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Anyone can easily start calisthenics with some basic bodyweight exercises. However, if you really want to learn skills like muscle-ups, side bends, etc., you need a guide. Since not everyone is lucky enough to find a calisthenics guru, here are the best calisthenics apps you can try to start your fitness journey.

The best calisthenics apps

1. We are exercising

It is developed by a body weight expert and exercise author. AL Kavaldo. This application has one of the best animations that I have seen in training applications. In addition, it is divided into sections, so you can choose a workout or follow a routine quickly.

You also get an exercise library with color-coded animated workouts for difficulty levels and a detailed description. The application is free, however, some exercises are blocked behind a pay wall. You can upgrade and unlock them for a one-time fee of $ 6.

General description

  • Minimal and clean animation
  • Heating section
  • Isometric training for body and mind
  • Training logs

Get that we are working for (ios | Android)

2. Calisthenics training

The above application will help you start to develop your core strength. However, this will make you more aware of the muscles that each exercise is targeting. It requires you to add exercises to each day of the week. So you can add various exercises that you like and just hit start to start the routine.

You get a countdown and interval timer, a custom workout option, an audio guide, and much more. So whether it’s the chest or abs you want to target, with over 100 exercises, cover them all.

General description

  • 100 + exercises
  • Target muscle style design
  • Custom weekly routines

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3. Thenics

The calisthenics applications above are mainly focused on warm-up and bodyweight exercises. Thenics will take you to the next level with dedicated calisthenics. Contains skills such as muscle lifts, rear levers, handstands, human flags, and many more.

Also, all of these skills are taught step by step, making difficult skills achievable. Besides the skills, it also has workouts that can be done without any specific training. The app has a pro version with more training / skills. It comes with a 14-day trial period and will cost you $ 4 a month.

General description

  • Calisthenics Skills for Beginners
  • Step by step progression
  • Training history
  • No animation

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4. Thenx

Thenx is actually a Youtube Channel which is widely followed by the calisthenics community. You must first configure the app using basic data of BMI, current fitness level, fitness goals, etc. You can then choose from weekly programs, workouts of the day, and even browse all YouTube videos.

Unlike other apps, you have to create an account using your email ID, as there is no option to quickly sign up for Google. Although it is free, there are few workouts that are behind the paywall. They can be unlocked with a monthly subscription of $ 9.99.

General description

  • Video trainings
  • Audio library
  • Detailed technical guide
  • Built-in social networks

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5. Calisthenics parks

If you really need to train efficiently and effectively, exercising at home has its restrictions. Since regular indoor gyms are not the best place to practice calisthenics, use this app to find outdoor gyms and locations. The application has an interactive map with more than 10,000 points in various countries of the world. The best part is that you don’t need an account to use the app.

On top of that, you can explore equipment offerings, join or add calisthenics events around you, and interact with users using the chat feature.

General description

  • Interactive map
  • Verified Images
  • User Comments

Get Calisthenics Parks for (ios | Android)

6. Reddit

If you’re active on Reddit, the ‘homepage of the internet’ is a treasure for someone new to calisthenics. You can look up routines, ask for advice, discuss technical problems, and much more. While you can use the apps above, they are not a great way to find out how to improve your skills, try new ones, diet charts, etc. Since all of these subreddits are active most of the time, it is a source of motivation.


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Which calisthenics app to choose?

So these were the best calisthenics apps you can try to get in shape. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend that you start with We’re Exercising or Calisthenics Training (the first two apps). You can also join calisthenics subreddits that will connect you with like-minded beginners and pros alike. Provides a great platform to ask questions, receive advice from experienced calisthenics athletes without spending a penny.

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