Top 8 TuneIn Alternatives for Your Music and Radio Needs

TuneIn is a great versatile app with lots of features like custom music, podcasts, sports, NFL radio, and much more. But all these amazing features come with a hefty price tag of $ 9.99 per month. Additionally, TuneIn may annoy some users with its persistent notifications and native in-app advertisements. While this may not take you away from the app, it’s always nice to have better alternatives. These are some of the best TuneIn alternatives for you. Let’s see them.

Some smartphones have a built-in FM radio that you can use to broadcast local radio stations. To find out if your smartphone has built-in FM, just look for the FM or Radio app in the app drawer.

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Best Tunein Alternatives

1. Use a streaming app

Streaming apps are the best alternatives to the TuneIn app if all you want is to listen to music. Although you will not get all the radio stations in these apps. Pandora has several radio stations, and just as your musical preference changes over time, it suggests newer radio stations tailored to your liking. In general, music streaming apps offer a lot of features and if you already have a subscription to any of Google Play, Pandora, Apple Music or Spotify You can get almost all the functions of the TuneIn app.

2. Jango

Jango is a simple internet radio application that offers curated music radio stations. You can browse music categories and genres to suit your music preferences and start listening to radio stations. Jango has 25 different genres and each genre has around 30 stations on average which means you get over 600 stations in this app.

Jango would be a perfect alternative to TuneIn as you can create your personalized radio station looking for your favorite artists. It also broadcasts high-quality broadcasts like TuneIn. Also, there is no limit on the number of jumps. You can also filter the songs from your broadcasts. If the app plays a song that doesn’t suit your preferences, you can simply tap the button “I do not like to get it out of the seasons.

Although the app has ads, it only appears in the music player and does not interrupt your music experience. However, there is a problem with the playback, the stream plays at a slightly higher speed than normal. It’s so subtle that I didn’t notice it until I tried to sing. It is still something worth mentioning.

Jango is free on the Play Store and contains ads.

Install Jango (Android | ios)

3. Radio Garden

While Radio Garden isn’t exactly a replacement for TuneIn Radio, it is on the list due to its unique interface. When you open the Radio Garden app, it shows the earth in 3D with little green dots scattered all over the world. To play a radio station, move around the earth Y locate a radio station from anywhere in the world. As soon as the cross points to a green dot, it starts playing the local radio.

Although TuneIn is a music app with lots of amazing features, unfortunately you don’t have the option to play local radio from around the world. Navigation in Radio Garden is quite easy, and you can pinch to zoom in and out, swipe to navigate. If there are multiple radio stations in the area, you can choose the next station from the bottom right. You can bookmark a station for easy broadcasting and instant access.

Radio Garden always adds radio stations to its catalog and only shows non-intrusive advertisements while broadcasting local radios from around the world. Also, the app takes you to a random station when you shake your phone, which is a nice Easter egg. Radio Garden is free on the Play Store.

Install Radio Garden (Android | ios)

4. RadioDroid

RadioDroid is an interesting radio app with some cool features. First, it is a free and open source application. You get a list of stations around the world and can Browse by country, language, tags, most voted and most clicked.

Second, you can record radio transmissions in the app like the old days when we used to record local radio stations on feature phones which, by the way, TuneIn doesn’t let you do.

Third, as TuneIn, you can set a sleep timer on Radio Droid. I like listening to the radio and falling asleep and this feature comes in handy when you don’t want to waste your mobile data. And finally, you can also set an alarm that wakes you up with your favorite radio station.

RadioDroid is a free and open source app and is ad-free, while TuneIn blocks features behind a paywall and is ad-free. You can get it at F-Droid.

Install RadioDroid (Android)

5. Audials

Audials is an Internet radio application that, along with local and Internet radio stations, offers podcasts. Constantly analyze your radio preferences Y select a list of stations matching your taste. You can also explore traditional genres. It comes with a built-in because fashion that changes the interface to a minimalist design that ensures you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for long.

Audials is compatible with the PC version and you can stream music from your computer after creating an account and syncing both devices. A very interesting feature of this application is Zapping, you can select an artist, choose a genre and hit the zap button now to get a quick search on radio stations. Find all the matching radio stations that play music based on your preferences. You can schedule the recording of a show that airs at odd hours without a problem in Audials.

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Audials too supports Chromecast and Airplay which means you can stream your radio stations to your TV. It works perfectly and Audials is the only Android app that streams on AirPlay.

Considering the number of features you get in this app, it is a good alternative to TuneIn if you want a personalized radio experience. Audials is a free app and does not show any ads. However, there is also a pro version for the app with more features.

Install Audials (Android | ios)

6. Xiia Live

Xiia Live is another great TuneIn alternative with a huge internet radio directory. It claims to host more than 50,000 live radio stations (TuneIn has over 100,000) from around the world. The directory is powered by UberStations, another popular Internet radio service. If you can’t find your favorite stations in the app, you can simply change the directory to SHOUTcast and it would get the entire SHOUTcast directory to cast.

It also has a radio reference directory that has all public safety (police, fire, EMS, and aircraft communications) audio broadcasts from around the world. You can install this plugin for $ 2 from the Play Store.

You can scrobble your music to automatically. For those who don’t use Last.FM, Scrobble is a Last.FM API that pulls your music preferences from other apps and selects a list of music specifically tailored to your tastes. It is a great alternative to TuneIn. You should take a look at it, it’s great.

Xiia Live is free and only displays banner ads at the bottom, you can remove the ads completely from the app by purchasing the pro version of the app for $ 3.99.

Install Xiia Live (Android | ios)

7. Slacker Radio

Slacker is a cross-platform music and radio service that allows you to stream music from your phone and computer. You can search for popular stations by genre, and unlike TuneIn, you can create your own custom station if you like your favorite songs and artists. The list is is created automatically when you start to like the songs in the app. You need at least one song that you like to create a custom playlist for you, which is great. Also you can cast directly with one tap in this app.

Shows Specials, a curated music broadcast that comes out weekly and monthly.. It is a broadcast of the most popular singles on the chart in each genre and this feature is exclusive to Slacker Radio.

Slacker too offers offline music which is proprietary according to the Slacker product page. They claim that with this feature, you can save playlists and stations to your phone and listen to them later. Considering that Slacker has its own special events, among other features such as one-touch streaming to TV and the smart music pattern recognition algorithm, you should definitely check out this alternative from TuneIn.

Slacker displays ads with its own audio ads, but you can upgrade to the Plus version for just $ 3.99 / month. You don’t get ads, you can skip unlimited times, and you get the highest quality audio. The most expensive premium version offers unlimited songs on demand, custom playlists, and you can listen to stations and playlists offline for $ 9.99 / month.

Install Slacker Radio (Android | ios)

8. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is the closest competitor to TuneIn with almost similar design and features. The application is beautifully built and the player has a cleaner interface. Based on your genres and musical preferences, the app suggests music that suits your needs. iHeartRadio takes your location and Suggest popular radio stations near you including the most popular radio stations on the platform.

The app has a section dedicated to podcasts and includes all the popular podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, The Breakfast Club, TED Radio Hour, etc. You can listen to sports stations and audio commentary just like we did with TuneIn.

The basic app is free and you can use it with ads, however you would have to take a $ 5 / month subscription to access all the paid features of the app. You get unlimited skips, plays, save songs, and create unlimited playlists with the monthly subscription. If you are in the US, you can take a 30-day free trial before purchasing the subscription.

Install iHeartRadio (Android | ios)

What are the best TuneIn alternatives?

Each of the listed apps offers something unique, for example Audials gives you a dedicated car mode and one-touch and Airplay streaming options. Radio Garden broadcasts local radio stations from around the world presented on the map. RadioDroid is an open source application that allows you to set an alarm and time on radio stations. Xiia Live integrates with and transfers your music to Tell us which app you like the most. Comments below.

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